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How does the salary serve as the basis for calculating occupational accident and occupational disease benefits?
I am taking maternity leave, but after the maternity leave my company will terminate my labor contract. I have paid 11 months of social insurance premiums. Will I get unemployment insurance benefit?
My father died but was entitled to survivors' benefits. I will suffer a working capacity decrease of 81% or more, but I have a family (with a spouse). Am I entitled to a survivor's allowance?
I am going to apply for maternity leave for 6 months. My current employer (a foreign company) defines that: The company will not pay all the salary during employee’s maternity. It will be paid by the social security agency as prescribed by law. Therefore, during my maternity leave, I will not receive the salary and have to wait until the end of the maternity leave for the social security agency to pay my benefits. Is that correct?
On August 7th 2015, my mother received a decision to resign. She was 55 years old but had not participated in social security for full 20 years. Pursuant to Article 38 of Decree No. 29/2012 / ND-CP, Chau Doc’s Education Office declared that my mother was not entitled to a severance allowance because she did not submit a resignation letter. So, was the Education Office right when they let my mother resign without a resignation letter? Should my mother get a severance allowance?
I am currently working under an indefinite-term labor contract. Am I allowed to apply for an unpaid leave for a while? Can I still participate in social insurance scheme during my vacation?
I work for a company that still deducts my salary monthly to pay social insurance. But in 7 months, the company does not pay my social insurance premiums. What should I do?