Sickness Benefit

03/08/2017 06:00 PM

- Employees who suffer from sickness or accident and have to be off work are enabled to enjoy an allowance of 30 to 70 days depending on his/her social insurance contribution duration and working conditions.

- Employees who has to look after his/her child under 7 years old are entitled to enjoy a maximum of 15 to 20 days depend on his/her child’s age.

- Employees who suffer from diseases in the list of long treatment diseases are permitted to enjoy a maximum of 180 days of leave per year; in case he/she has to continue the treatment after these 180 days, he/she shall be entitled to sickness benefits at a lower rate.

- Employees of the People’s Army and Public Security forces, the duration of the leave is based on the medical treatment period at their medical establishments.

- The maxium benefit rate equals to 75% of the monthly salary on which the social insurance contribution is based in the month before employees are off work.  Employees of the People’s Army and Public Security forces, the benefit rate is equivalent to 100% of their monthly salary in the month before being off work.

- Employees are permitted to be off work 5-10 days for health rehabilitation if he/she has not recovered his/her health.

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Maternity Benefit

03/08/2017 06:04 PM

- Female employees who are pregnant, give birth or adopt a baby under 6 months of age, surrogate mothers and male employees whose wives give birth are entitled to get maternity benefits.

- The benefit rate is equivalent to 100% of the average salary on which social insurance premiums are calculated in the last 6 months before being off work. The duration of maternity leave is calculated as the period of paying social insurance premiums and employees do not have to pay social insurance premiums while enjoying the benefits.

- Pregnant female employees are allowed to be off work for five prenatal checkups, one-two days each time.

- After giving birth or adopting a baby less than 6 months of age, employees are enabled to take six-month maternity leave. In case of twin or multiple births, employees are permitted to take an additional one-month leave for each child from the second.

- Employees are entitled to 5 -10 days of leave to recover her health if she has not fully recovered after the maternity leave period. The per-diem for health rehabilitation after the maternity leave period equals to 30% of the basic salary.

- Female employees who undergo miscarriage, abortion, vasectomy, death fetus or abortion due to diseases are permitted to be off work for 10-50 days depending on the age of the fetus.

- Female employees are allowed to be off work for 7 days when taking intra-uterus device and for 15 days when sterilizing.

- Male employees with social insurance contributions whose wives give birth are permitted to enjoy 5 -14 day full-paid leave in the first 30 days from the labour date.

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Work Injury and Occupational Disease Benefit

03/08/2017 06:06 PM

- Employees who lose at least 5% working capacity because of accidents while working or on duty by their employers; suffer from a disease in the list of occupational diseases while working in hazardous environments or jobs.

- Employees who lose from 5% to 30% working capacity are entitled to enjoy a one-off allowance depending on the level of earning capacity loss and number of years of paying SI contribution.

- Employees who lose 31% of working capacity upwards are enabled to get a monthly benefit depending on the level of lost working capacity and number of years of paying social insurance premiums.

 - Employees who die in accidents at work or occupational diseases, their relatives are entitled to a lump-sum benefit equivalent to 36-month basic salary and death gratuity as regulated.

- Employees who suffer from employment injury or occupational diseases are enabled to be assessed and re-assessed their working incapacity; provided with functional aids or helpers’ benefit based on the level of damage and capacity loss.

- If employees still have not recovered his/her health after medical treatment of employment injury or occupational diseases, they are allowed to enjoy 5-10 days of leave for health rahabilitation.

- Eemployees are provided with health insurance cards if they no long work. If they continue to work and pay social insurance premiums, when they are qualified for retirement, they are entitled to both retirement pensions and monthly grant of employment injury or occupational disease.

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Old-age Benefit

03/08/2017 06:10 PM

- Employee are entitled to enjoy monthly retirement pensions if they reach the age of 55 for women and 60 for men, and having paid social insurance premiums for at least 20 years (in which the age of pension entitlement for those who have worked 15 years in hazardous and dangerous occupations are deducted 5 years).

- The monthly retirement pension (maximum pension: 75% of the average monthly salary; minimum pension: the basic minimum wage): in which 45% for the first 15 years of contribution; each additional year of contribution, the additional reimbursement rate is 2% for men and 3% for women; each year of early retirement, the reimbursement rate is deducted 1%.- 

- According to the revised Social Insurance Law, from 2018 to 2022, the period of contribution for pension entitlement has increased from 15 to 20 years, in which the pensioner can recieve 45% average salary for the first 20 years and for each additional year of contribution, the additional reimbursement rate is 2% for both men and women.

- Employees who are not qualified for retirement pensions with the contribution period of less than 20 years are entitled to a lump-sum grant equivalent to 1.5 month of the average salary for each year contributing to the social insurance fund.

- Employees who quit their jobs but not qualifying for monthly retirement pensions or have not made a withdrawal of a lump-sum pensions are entitled to reserve their social insurance contribution period.

- Eetirees are provided with one-off allowance if they paid social insurance premiums for more than 30 years for men and more than 25 years for women. The allowance is equivalent to 0.5 of the monthly average salary for each year surplus the normal contribution period.

- Retirees are provided with health insurance cards by the Social Insurance Fund.

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Survivor’s Benefit

03/08/2017 06:13 PM

- Employees who pay social insurance premiums or reserving his/her social insurance period; entitling monthly work injury and occupational disease benefits for those who stop working, are entitled to funeral allowance of 10 months of the basic minimum wage when he/she dies.

 - Relatives (as defined in the Social Insurance Law) of the deceased insured who:

    + having contributed to the social insurance fund for at least 15 years but has not been provided with one-off allowances;

    + is receiving monthly retirement pensions;

    + is receiving monthly work injury and occupational disease benefits of at least 61% incapacity;

    + dies of work injury and occupational disease;

    + are eligible for monthly or one-off death gratuity.

- The monthly death gratuity for each dependant of the deceased employees is equivalent to 50% of the basic wage; 70% of that if the dependant of the late employees has no direct raiser (no more than 4 persons).

- The one-off death gratuity for relatives of the deceased employees are calculated based on the duration of social insurance contribution. 

- For each year of contribution, relatives of the deceased are entitled to 1.5 times the insured’s average monthly salary (minimum of 3 times the average monthly salary).

- The one-off death gratuity for relatives of deceased pensioners is calculated based on the period of pension enjoyment. If pensioners die within the first 2 months of pension enjoyment, the allowance must equal 48 months’ pension. If the pensioners die in the following months, the allowance is reduced by half a month’s pension for each additional month of pension enjoyment (minimum of 3 months of pension).

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Unemployment Benefit

03/08/2017 06:17 PM

Employees having paid unemployment insurance for at least 12 months in 24 months before being unemployed and unable to find a job 15 days after registered at job centres are permitted to enjoy the following benefits:

     + Monthly unemployment benefit is equivalent to 60% of the average salary in six months before being unemployed.

     + Entitled to 3 to 12 month unemployment benefits depending on the duration of unemployment insurance premium payment.

     + Assisted in vocational training.

     + Provided with free job seeking and consultancy services.

     + Entitled to health insurance benefit.

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Medical Benefit (Health Insurance)

03/08/2017 06:19 PM

Qualifying conditions

Presenting health insurance cards, identification papers with picture at medical facilities.


The insured are provided with health care  services,  blood  transfusion, medical supplies based on medical diagnosis and treatment; enabled to register with health care providers for primary care; medical consultancy and treatment at any medical facility in case of emergency.

Benefit rates

When taking medical consultancy and treatment at the insured’s registered primary care establishment or in case of emergency, the health insurance fund covers 80% or 95% or 100% of medical costs based on the insured.

When taking medical consultancy and treatment at the other establishments different from the registered facilities (except for emergency cases), the health insurance fund covers:

 + 40% of medical costs for inpatient treatment at central hospitals.

 + 60% of medical costs for inpatient treatment at provincial hospitals.

 + 100% of medical costs for outpatient and inpatient treatment at district hospitals nawtionwide.

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