Maternity Benefit

03/08/2017 06:04 PM

- Female employees who are pregnant, give birth or adopt a baby under 6 months of age, surrogate mothers and male employees whose wives give birth are entitled to get maternity benefits.

- The benefit rate is equivalent to 100% of the average salary on which social insurance premiums are calculated in the last 6 months before being off work. The duration of maternity leave is calculated as the period of paying social insurance premiums and employees do not have to pay social insurance premiums while enjoying the benefits.

- Pregnant female employees are allowed to be off work for five prenatal checkups, one-two days each time.

- After giving birth or adopting a baby less than 6 months of age, employees are enabled to take six-month maternity leave. In case of twin or multiple births, employees are permitted to take an additional one-month leave for each child from the second.

- Employees are entitled to 5 -10 days of leave to recover her health if she has not fully recovered after the maternity leave period. The per-diem for health rehabilitation after the maternity leave period equals to 30% of the basic salary.

- Female employees who undergo miscarriage, abortion, vasectomy, death fetus or abortion due to diseases are permitted to be off work for 10-50 days depending on the age of the fetus.

- Female employees are allowed to be off work for 7 days when taking intra-uterus device and for 15 days when sterilizing.

- Male employees with social insurance contributions whose wives give birth are permitted to enjoy 5 -14 day full-paid leave in the first 30 days from the labour date.

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