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My company is employing several foreign employees who do not participate in unemployment insurance. In case they end their work contracts with my company, does my company have to pay severance allowance for them?
Question from Nguyen Thi Hieu from Lai Chau province: I submitted my retirement dossiers to the social insurance agency, but the agency returned the documents as my social insurance was not paid following the State’s prescribed salary regime. I was requested to ask my company to make adjustments. However, all my ex-companies have been dissolved, so what agency should I find to request for the adjustments?
Question from Nguyen Thi Diem Trang from Dong Nai province: What are regulations on personal income tax calculation for foreigners working for only two months in a company?
I want to switch to receiving social insurance benefits by ATM account, what is the transfer procedure?
I engaged in the social insurance scheme from March 2014 to February 2016. After that I quitted my job and enjoyed unemployment insurance. I received social insurance once in April 2017. Now, I have a new job, and my company asked me to hand in my social insurance book which was collected when I got unemployment benefit. In this case, can I ask for the reissuance of a social insurance book?
I am working at a company and joining the social insurance scheme. However, I have a plan to study abroad for one year while my working duration at the company is less than 12 months. Should I ask the company to give me the social insurance book? Does a company have the right to keep its former employee’s social insurance book? Could you please inform me my benefits if I let my company keep my social insurance book?
If a labourer pays unemployment insurance, does he enjoy unemployment benefits if he ends his labour contract to work abroad?