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I had worked in the company No.1 and participated in social insurance for 3 years and 9 months and have received the 1st unemployment insurance of 3 months. Then I switched to the company No.2 and joined the social insurance for 4 months, then switched to the company No.3, which had interrupted the time of participating in social insurance. Here is the case: When I move to the company No.3, do I have to work for 12 consecutive months to enjoy the 2nd unemployment insurance, or only for 8 months (in the company No.3) then add 4 months (from the company No.2) which will be 12 months in total in order to be eligible to receive the 2nd unemployment insurance? And how many times can a person receive unemployment insurance?
My wife works at the company and has been paying social insurance premium from June 2018 to May 2019, then quit. At the end of June 2019, she gave birth. So, can my wife be entitled to unemployment benefits and maternity leave at the same time?
My social insurance payment had been interrupted for 2 months during my time moving from the old working place to the new one. If so, will it affect my rights in the future? If yes, can I pay a supplement? The period was in 2018.
I have quitted my job in a company and am currently working on paper to come to Korea to live. Can I withdraw the one-off social insurance claim because I am leaving to Korea on September 20th. Can I authorize my brother to receive it?
Can a 50-year-old and self-employed female worker buy voluntary social insurance? Can I pay until the age of 60 and then make a 10 year payment in a row so that I can receive my pension when I turn 60?
I am 58 years old this year and I am currently working from home. On the Internet, I see many banks that are supporting unsecured loans through social insurance books and pension books. However, the interest rate for unsecured loans is relatively high. Currently, I am running a business at home and have financial difficulties due to the COVID-19 outbreak. I see that Agribank is supporting customers with preferential loans with low interest rates so that they can overcome the epidemic (https://azvay.com/lai-suat-vay-them-chap-ngan-hang -agribank). So is it possible for me to borrow a bank mortgage when I am holding my social insurance book with payment in full 25 years? Thank you.
Can I have a pre-age retirement health assessment in my temporary residence?