01/04/2024 07:10 AM

In the Americas, diverse long-term care (LTC) systems reflect varying regional needs and capabilities. This article examines LTC systems in Argentina, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica and Uruguay providing a detailed description of health and social care services available to their aging populations.

25/02/2024 10:20 AM

The crew of fishing vessels need to be medically fit for their physically demanding work. New medical examination guidelines will improve and standardize these examinations, leading to improved health and safety in the fishing sector.

20/02/2024 08:50 AM

Enterprises are increasingly recognized as crucial to a healthy environment and to making progress on climate change, as well as being key actors in achieving a just transition – a transition based on equity and the participation of all stakeholders. To this end, it is equally important to look at enterprises as places where people work, and not only in terms of how goods and services are produced. Indeed, the workplace is where business opportunities in the green economy take shape and where workers and employers in their respective capacities can change production processes in ways that improve resource efficiency, reduce pressure on the environment and make enterprises greener.

19/02/2024 09:10 AM

Imagine that, to achieve a similar standard of living and level of participation in society as others, you and your family had to spend more money throughout your lives. This is what you face if you live with a disability.

18/02/2024 08:25 AM

The 21st ISSA International Conference of Social Security Actuaries, Statisticians and Investment Specialists (ACT 2023) addressed how to ensure sustainable and adequate social security in a world marked by increased risk and volatility.

31/01/2024 08:30 AM

A new action funded by the European Union will enable the ILO to improve the employability of young people not in employment, education or training across the Middle East and North Africa for their successful integration in labour markets.

25/01/2024 02:50 PM

Philippines becomes the 38th country in the world, and the first Asian country, to ratify Convention No. 190.

16/01/2024 02:39 PM

With the United Nations (UN) Climate Change Conference (COP28) and the 75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights high on the global agenda, it is timely to stress that these issues are tightly linked to the global ambition and obligation to deliver social security for all.

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