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According to the law regarding social insurance, do non-governmental organisations (NGO) have to pay compulsory social insurance premiums for their employees? Currently, is there a regulation forcing units or enterprises employing 10 people or more to pay social insurance premiums for labourers?
How does the Vietnam Social Security (VSS) handle the collection of social insurance, health insurance, and unemployment insurance debt in order to ensure workers’ rights?
I was in the unemployment insurance scheme for four years and six months. I was fired on May 1, 2018 for violating the company’s regulations in April. Will I receive the unemployment insurance payment?
In addition to the monthly salary, allowances and subsidies, at quarter’s end, my company will review workers’ productivity to grant bonus. Is the quarterly bonus subject to social security premiums?
Question from Nguyen Quang Vinh (Quang Ninh province) and others: If an employee has an accident outside the workplace and he/she has accident insurance (commercial insurance), who is obliged to cover his/her expenses, compensation and other benefits? If he/she does not have social insurance or health insurance, who is obliged to cover those payments?
Tran Thi Huong from Hanoi asks: I have signed a contract with a company and bought social insurance for more than five years. I also signed another contract with a second company on July 21, 2018. However, my previous contract will end by the end of December 2018. Both contracts show the companies’ commitments towards covering my social insurance. So how should my social insurance premiums be worked out during the overlapped time? Can both companies pay for my insurance? In July, I spent the first 20 days working for the old company and secured a new contract on the 21st day. If I have to choose between the two, what should I pick?
A reader asks: For employees who are appointed to study abroad and receiving 40 percent of their salary, do they need to pay contribution during the period? If so, how can they calculate such amount of contribution?