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I have paid social insurance for 19 years. I will reach the retirement age in 2018. Can I continue to pay social security premiums to receive the 75% benefits?
There is an employee in our company who has retired but not contributed enough the number of years for the social insurance scheme. On 30/5/2017, the company has made records of social insurance closing. In June / July 2017, the company continues to hire this employee to work and pay salary. Could this employee get unemployment benefits? Is is legal if the company sign a labor contract with the employee but does not contribute social insurance premiums for him?
In a limited liability company, shareholders (such as Director and Deputy Director) do not get paid at their company. Do they have to participate in the compulsory social insurance scheme? Is it correct if they receive salaries when not paying contribution for the SI?
What documents should I bring to receive unemployment benefits? Could we authorize for someone else to receive monthly unemployment benefits and what is necessary procedures? In case of losing the decision to receive unemployment benefits, what we need to do?
My husband and I are 38 years old-farmers. We want to participate in voluntary social insurance scheme, could we pay social insurance premiums to get pension.
My mother is 55 years old and have worked for 15 to 20 years. She is eligible for benefits from May 1, 2010. However, she completed her entitlement procedures by 2016. Does she get retroactive allowance increase for work capacity loss as of May 1, 2010?
Does my child who is elementary school’s pupil have to participate in health insurance scheme?