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How is the administrative procedure 'Issuing a Certificate of non-simultaneous payment within the year without direct payment of health insurance costs' implemented?

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Based on point 3.3, clause 3, Section IV of the Appendix accompanying Decision No. 896/QD-BHXH of the Director-General of Vietnam Social Security, the procedure for implementing this administrative procedure is as follows:

1. Health insurance participants choose to submit documents in one of the following forms:

o Via electronic transactions: Participants register to receive an authentication code and submit electronic documents to the Public Service Portal of VSS or through the I-VAN organization (if registered to use the I-VAN service). If not converting paper documents to electronic format, submit paper documents to the social insurance agency via postal services.

o Send documents via postal services.

2. Receive results:

o For results in writing: Certificate of non-simultaneous payment within the year or a written response from the social insurance agency regarding the insufficient conditions: receive through postal services or directly at the One-Stop Department of the provincial/district social insurance agency.

o In case of receiving on behalf:

+ If it is a relative or guardian: provide the Document receipt and result appointment, ID card/citizen ID card; documents proving the natural relationship/guardianship of the person enjoying health insurance (a copy of the household registration book or birth certificate or birth certificate or marriage certificate...).

+ If not a relative or guardian mentioned above: provide the Document receipt and result appointment, ID card/citizen ID card, authorization letter according to Form 13-HSB issued with Decision No. 166/QD-BHXH dated January 31, 2019, of VSS.

o Submit directly to the document receiving department of the provincial or district-level social insurance agency or at the Service Center for Social Insurance of all levels.

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