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I have been working at a company since 2008, but they only pays the social insurance premium for me until 2016, now I have resigned so can I have a book closing until 2016?
I have been working at Long Ma Joint Stock Company (Address: Tot Dong Commune, Chuong My District, Hanoi) since 2017. When I started working, I submitted the social insurance book for the company to pay social insurance for me. Since then until now, they have not returned the social insurance book even though in accordance with the state regulations, the social insurance books are kept by the employees themselves. I have asked the company to return it many times, but they did not do it and gave me unclear responses. What should I do?
What are the procedures to claim the unemployment benefits? I’m looking forward to your answer.
I have been participating in health insurance for more than 5 consecutive years and paid for the medical expenses this year of 10.8 million VND. Can I go for online procedures to apply for a "CERTIFICATE OF NOT HAVING THE COSTS PAID IN THE YEAR" to be 100% covered with the health insurance costs? If not, how and where do I do it?
From January 1, 2021, does the health insurance apply inter-agency at provincial level for outpatient diseases? When applying a full-term health insurance card for 5 consecutive years, is it required to satisfy 2 conditions: medical care at primary level and for more than 6 months of base salary in the year or only 1 of the 2 above conditions?
I used to played sports and my left knee got injured so I went to see a doctor at Quy Hoa National Leprosy Dermatology Hospital. However, I only took X-rays and the doctor said my bones were okay but I still felt pain when I walked. Then he/she told me that there could be ligament damage in the left knee joint. But they did not have MRI scanner, so the doctor advised me to go to another hospital. Then if I use the health insurance registered at Quy Hoa National Leprosy Dermatology Hospital at another hospital, can I get the same health insurance benefits?
My company is majoring in sea shipping. Currently, the company has 2 ships and due to the nature of the job, those two will run alternately, which means each will run for one month then get one month off. The crew members on the two ships signed an indefinite labor contract and participated in social insurance. During the month of the ship's inactivity, no salary fees for crew members on board are incurred. (Their salaries are calculated on the actual workday of the ships). Then will the the crew on board temporarily suspend their contributions to social insurance premiums? If no, at which rate will they have to pay?