Six groups of tasks and solutions in Resolution No. 398-NQ/BCSĐ of the VSS Party Committee on strengthening the work of ensuring network information security in the VSS industry

23/03/2024 08:50 AM

On March 15th, 2024, the Vietnam Social Insurance Party Committee issued Resolution No. 398-NQ/BCSĐ on strengthening network information security in the whole VSS industry, including 06 tasks, solutions to ensure network information security.

Network information security plays an important role in the sustainable development of Vietnam's social insurance industry

Firstly, training and coaching

The Vietnam Social Insurance industry continues to provide training and coaching to improve in-depth professional knowledge of network information security for management and technical staff.

Focus on training and fostering to improve awareness and digital skills, network information security skills for civil servants throughout the Industry. The training courses included presentations from experts and reporters from units under the Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of Information and Communications, and the Government Cipher Committee.

Deploy various forms of propaganda and dissemination on digital information safety and security in the face of the current complicated situation of network safety and security so that party members and civil servants can actively participate in studying.

Deploy network information security in a variety of forms such as briefings, seminars, rehearsals, etc.

Second, thoroughly grasp through processes, regulations, rewards, discipline, and discipline

Strengthen the leadership and direction of Party Committees at all levels, Heads of units under Vietnam Social Insurance and Provincial Social Insurance. Development and add the contents of ensuring network information security of the unit to resolutions and plans. The heads of the unit shall be responsible when there is an incident causing information insecurity in the unit under his/her management.

Strengthen discipline and administrative discipline, innovate working methods and practices, and resolutely handle party organizations, party members, and civil servants that violate the Industry's rules and regulations on network information security safety, leaks, loss of accounts, data...; Praise and reward groups and individuals to gain outstanding achievements in ensuring network information security.

Strengthen timely and continuously to raise awareness and sense of responsibility of each Party member and civil servant to fully realize the position, role and importance of ensuring network information security, especially the sense of responsibility to protect civil servant's professional accounts throughout the Industry.

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Thirdly, plan and build "technical fences" in line with an appropriate roadmap, in parallel with perfecting professional software.

Regularly review, adjust, supplement and complete regulations and rules on network information security of the Vietnam Social Insurance industry; Business processes associated with decentralization and authorization on business software so as to ensure  the right people, work, and responsibilities.

Develop standards, technical regulations, and plan network information security policies in IT application activities in accordance with the network information security situation of each period.

Strengthen the work of urging, inspecting and guiding affiliated units in implementing technical solutions for network information security to ensure maximum minimization of violations; promptly monitor and prevent violations of network information security policies; localize, isolate, and control network information security violations within a narrow range to minimize damage to information assets and data; Evaluate and handle difficulties and obstacles in ensuring network information security.

Continue to review, evaluate and approve dossiers proposing levels and plans to ensure information security for information systems of Vietnam Social Insurance.

Fourth, build human resources

Research and evaluate the reconstruction of the model, organizational structure, and personnel in accordance with digital transformation requirements in general and ensuring network information security in the Vietnam Social Insurance industry in particular. Review the restructuring of the IT Department to the Provincial Social Insurance Office of 56 provincial Social Insurance units, ensuring human resources for IT and network information security in accordance with Vietnam Social Security's instructions on handing over tasks of the IT Department and the Provincial Social Insurance Office.

Consolidate and promote the activities of the Incident Response Team and civil servants specialized in network information security of the Social Insurance of provinces as the core forces in implementing the task of ensuring network information security at the units. 

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Fifth, develop technical infrastructure

Equipped with new, modern technical infrastructure capable of preventing attacks to ensure data security and network information security.

Maintain warranty for network information security technical infrastructure systems to ensure stable operation and technical support from product suppliers to optimize device features. bag. Accelerate the implementation of tasks/projects that have been built.

Sixthly, coordinate with relevant agencies

Vietnam Social Security strengthens coordination with functioned security units of the Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of National Defense, the Ministry of Information and Communications, and the Government Cipher Committee to monitor information systems of Industry; promptly detect and handle incidents and vulnerabilities, prevent and remove malicious code attacks on the network system; Apply appropriate management and technical solutions to ensure network information security.

Strengthen international cooperation in training, research and application of science, technique and technology in cyber information security./.