The review of documents issued by VSS ensures objectivity, comprehensiveness, and accuracy

23/03/2024 06:40 AM

On March 18th, 2024, Vietnam Social Security (VSS) issued Decision No. 295/QD-BHXH approving the plan for handling the results of reviewing documents issued by VSS in 2023 according to Plan No. 358/KH-BHXH dated Feb 14th, 2023.

According to Plan No. 358/KH-BHXH dated February 14, 2023 on reviewing documents issued by VSS, the scope and objects to be reviewed are professional guidance documents, regulations and rules, professional processes with industry-wide regulatory scope issued by VSS from January 1st, 2022 to December 31st, 2022 and documents issued by VSS before January 1st, 2022 but has expired (partially/entirely) or during the implementation process needs to be amended, supplemented or replaced in all professional fields.

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The total number of documents to be reviewed is 109 ones; During the review process, the number of expired documents is updated up to now due to the emergence of a number of documents related to the reviewed documents.

The process of reviewing documents always ensures objectivity, comprehensiveness, and accuracy; The content, order and procedures for review are carried out in accordance with regulations on the basis of research and receipt of suggestions from the provincial social insurance agencies as well as opinions of professional units. Of the total 109 documents within the scope of review at the time of promulgation, focusing mainly on the following areas: Social insurance policy; Health insurance policy; personel organization; Accouting financial; Collection – Books, cards; Information technology; Office;…

After review process, 04 lists have been compiled, including: 1) List of documents proposed to be amended, supplemented, replaced, and canceled (26 documents); 2) List of new documents proposed to be issued (13 documents); 3) List of documents that are no longer valid (17 documents are partially invalid, 101 documents are completely invalid); 4) List of documents still valid (86 documents).

For documents requesting amendments and supplements, in the fields of Social Insurance Policy, Health Insurance Policy, Collection - Books, Cards, Office, Information Technology. The contents that need to be amended, supplemented, or replaced are mainly due to the legal documents that are the legal basis for promulgating the replaced or newly issued documents; With changes related to policy mechanisms and practical requirements, some documents need to be amended and supplemented accordingly.

Regarding the list of proposed documents to be issued, mainly in the fields of Inspection - Testing, Information Technology, Planning and Investment. The proposed contents of new documents are proposed to promptly meet the requirements arising in the practical organization and implementation of the industry because there is no guiding document or the previous guiding document has expired.

Rà soát văn bản quy phạm pháp luật là gì? Có bao nhiêu hình thức xử lý văn bản được rà soát theo quy định hiện nay?

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Regarding means of review, currently, review work is still done manually because there is no centralized document database. To review a document, it is necessary to collect and compare it with many legal documents and guidance documents issued before and after.

Regarding the implementation of the Review Plan, some units have not paid attention to the review work, sent comments behind the deadline, and have not participated in an overall overview, causing difficulties in synthesizing and ensuring progress of the Plan; Some provinces' social insurance agencies did not send review results on time, which affected the progress of plan implementation.

Regarding the issuance of documents of the Industry: There are some limitations in issuance of documents of the Industry  such as: documents issued later have content to amend, supplement, and replace some provisions of previous documents. but does not specify the contents and terms that have been amended, supplemented, replaced or does not clearly determine the expiration date of the previous document; Some documents still have content that is not consistent with the practical situation...

Kế hoạch rà soát, hệ thống hóa văn bản quy phạm pháp luật trên địa bàn tỉnh

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In general, the professional guidance documents issued by Vietnam Social Security ensure specific, clear content, close to reality and receive opinions from management agencies (Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs). Society, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Finance), local social insurance to ensure the legality and feasibility of the document.

At the Decision No. 295/QD-BHXH approving the plan for handling the results of reviewing documents of Vietnam Social Security in 2023, Vietnam Social Security assigned the Legal Department to help the General Director monitor and urge units to implement The plan for handling the review results has been approved. Units under Vietnam Social Insurance develop draft documents to amend, supplement, replace, and promulgate new documents in the areas of responsibility of the unit.