Vietnam Social Security organizes a 2023 training conference on inspection and examination in the southern region

04/03/2023 07:35 AM

In two days from March 2 to 3, in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Social Security (VSS) organized a training conference on inspection and examination in 2023 for leaders and officers in charge of inspection work of social security agencies in 32 southern provinces and cities. VSS Deputy General Director Le Hung Son attended and chaired the conference.

At the conference, VSS Deputy General Director Le Hung Son affirmed that, in the past time, besides the application of solutions to urge the collection of debts of social, health and unemployment insurance, the specialized inspection work on payment and handling of violations of the VSS have been identified as a positive solution in increasing revenue, reducing late payment and deterring, preventing and raising the awareness of law compliance among participants of social, health and unemployment insurance, and contributing to protecting the legitimate rights and interests of employees, and well implementing social security policies.

VSS Deputy General Director Le Hung Son delivered a speech at the conference.

According to Son, the effectiveness of specialized inspection activities on payment of social and health insurance premiums by the social security agency has markedly changed the awareness and sense of observance of the law on social and health insurance of many employers; the rights and interests of employees are guaranteed, and the regime is resolved in a timely and adequate manner according to regulations.

On that basis, in order for the conference to take place with high results, Son suggested that the delegates focus on understanding the entire content of professional training, actively participating in discussions, giving speeches, contributing ideas to the conference, focusing on the contents, situations, questions that need to be answered as well as difficulties and problems that have arisen in reality. At the same time, the organizing committee needs to create conditions to improve the quality of the conference; arrange time to answer problems in the implementation of procedures and regulations on inspection and examination.

Sharing more about the inspection and examination results of the VSS industry, Lo Quan Hiep - Director of the Inspectorate Department said that in 2021 and 2022, through specialized inspection, the whole industry had recovered nearly 5,000 billion dong of late payment (in which, 2,445 billion dong in 2021; 1,938 billion dong for 9 months in 2022). In order to promptly adapt to the new situation, the VSS has flexibly applied the method of organizing inspection and examination, enhanced method improvement, promoted the application of IT to review and analyze data (including available business data and data provided by the unit) with the principle of the risk management mechanism, minimizing direct inspection at the unit.

Lo Quan Hiep - Director of the Inspectorate Department delivered a speech at the conference.

Through inspection, violations on the implementation of the social insurance regime have been detected, such as the participating units do not have enough compulsory employees, or pay social insurance premiums for employees with incorrect salary levels, and prolonged arrears, wrongly requested payment of maternity, sick, convalescent and health rehabilitation benefits, certificate of leave of absence from social insurance not issued by the social security agency, fake hospital discharge certificate.

The work of inspection and handling of administrative violations and reception of citizens, settlement of complaints and denunciations, and petitions to reflect has made strong changes in both quality and quantity.

In addition to the achieved results, Lo Quan Hiep also pointed out some shortcomings and limitations, for instance, the inspection teams only focused on specialized inspection to urge the recovery of the delayed payment or evasion, but have not yet implemented the contents of the subjects and payment levels, and have not paid attention to inspecting the issuance of social insurance books and health insurance cards, settlement of payment of regimes; selected to inspect administrative and non-business units, and small enterprises with less than 10 employees, so the results have not been achieved as expected.

Conference overview

According to the plan, during the 2 days of the conference, the delegates will be thoroughly grasped and equipped with additional information, knowledge and skills to receive citizens, handle complaints and denunciations, and make recommendations to reflect the fields of social and health insurance. Specifically, there will be a number of thematic contents such as the assessment of citizen reception, settlement of complaints and denunciations, proposals to reflect in 2022; tasks and solutions in 2023 and implementation of some basic contents of the Decision No. 3668/QD-BHXH dated December 22, 2022 of the VSS./.