Information on cyberspace must be managed in 2020

10/01/2020 09:45 AM

These are the requirements of Minister of Information and Communications (MIC) Nguyen Manh Hung at the Conference of Reviewing the work in 2019 and deploying the mission in 2020 of the MIC.

According to Minister Nguyen Manh Hung, in 2019, some major undertakings of the Information and Communications Industry were initially implemented such as: Testing and commercializing 5G; 4G frequency level; off 2G wave; transform telecommunications infrastructure into digital infrastructure; E-government towards digital Government; Convert numbers; Digital economy; Sandbox; provincial points - Ministerial points; national center for cybersecurity; SOC (Network Security Monitoring Center) of provinces and ministries; Vietnam network safety and security ecosystem; Make in Vietnam; ICT products; develop platforms; manufacturing electronics and telecommunications in general and 5G equipment in particular, etc.

However, besides the achieved results, Minister Nguyen Manh Hung also frankly pointed out that the information and communication industry still has some limitations such as: The quality of broadband mobile network as well as the low rate of broadband subscribers compared to the world; telecommunication network has not strongly shifted to digital infrastructure; Telecommunications market lacks competitive motivation; prolonged waste of telecommunications; the ranking of e-government and digital conversion is still low; The percentage of online public services, especially public services, is at level 4; network safety and security are still inadequate and have not been given adequate attention; lack of large technology enterprises capable of mastering technology and globally competitive; ICT businesses are still processing and assembling.

Minister Nguyen Manh Hung directed, in 2020, the Information and Communications Department will focus on some important work contents such as: putting into operation the Postal Code to the address and delivery network to 24 million households; improve 4G quality, commercialize 5G and prepare to turn off 2G signal; basically deal with all kinds of telecommunications waste.

At the same time, relevant units should fundamentally change the way of e-government in the spirit of connecting, sharing data, ensuring network security, online public services at level 4; harmonious combination between concentration and dispersion, especially the coordinating role of the Ministry of Information and Communications and local Department of Information and Communications; complete the ecosystem of Vietnam's network safety and security products; developing digital technology businesses with the spirit of “Made in Vietnam”; manufacturing 5G equipment in Vietnam and considering this as the most typical technology product of 2020.

Along with the completion of the national press development and management plan to 2025, basically solve the long-term problems of the press. Especially, in 2020, the Minister requires to manage information on cyberspace, ensuring that it is not taken advantage of by hostile forces to sabotage the Party Congress at all levels; incorporate new technologies into basic information systems and develop a National Book Strategy.

In addition, the Departments of Information and Communications must incorporate the orientations and tasks of the Ministry of Information and Communications and the Departments into the provincial resolutions and working programs. Businesses and units in the industry must innovate ways of doing things, rise strongly, take the national mission to do many things for the developed country, so that their enterprises and units can grow. Associations should operate in a healthier and more practical manner, taking effective work to contribute to the field development and units in the association.