06/06/2024 09:37 AM

The May consumer price index (CPI) rose 0.01% compared to April, primarily due to increases in the price of food, electricity, and water, according to the General Statistics Office.

23/05/2024 10:36 AM

The Government on May 22 submitted to the 15th National Assembly (NA) a proposal on adjustments to the investment policy for the national target program on boosting the socio-economic development of ethnic minority-inhabited and mountainous areas in the 2021-30 period, aiming to facilitate the disbursement of capital for the program.

13/05/2024 09:01 AM

Việt Nam has an anise growing area of about 40,000 hectares, mainly in Lạng Sơn and Cao Bằng, with an annual output of more than 16,000 tonnes.

26/04/2024 08:56 AM

The Ministry of Justice (MOJ) and Ministry of Information and Communications have reached agreement on tightening coordination in policy communication.

29/03/2024 09:25 AM

Since the World Health Organization declared tuberculosis (TB) to be a global health emergency in 1993, global efforts to address TB have become more prominent, and worldwide TB incidence and mortality rates have fallen. In Viet Nam, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh recently ordered efforts to be exerted to enhance the tuberculosis (TB) prevention and control efforts.

27/03/2024 05:45 PM

Resolution No. 28-NQ/TW, issued on May 23, 2018 of the Party Central Committee, is considered to have the contents of reforming the social insurance policy progressively, approaching social security standards in Conventions and Recommendations of the International Labor Organization (ILO). The improvement of the reform-oriented social insurance policy in line with Resolution No. 28 will create new breakthroughs, the interests of social insurance participants will be increasingly better guaranteed.

27/03/2024 10:30 AM

Việt Nam will prioritise sending workers to potential markets to take safe, relevant jobs that bring high incomes.

25/03/2024 12:45 PM

Pension increases in retirement are important as they help your pension keep pace with inflation. Not all pension arrangements include pension increases.

May CPI inches up 0.01%

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Inter-ministerial cooperation programs expected to promote policy communication

Strengthened the capacity of health workforce to cope with tuberculosis

The Resolution No.28-NQ/TW - a breakthrough Resolution on insurance reform in Viet Nam

Improve quality, ensure the rights on social security for labors working in foreign countries

Pension be increased: Social security for the elderly be ensured