21/07/2023 03:55 PM

Recently, the Ministry of Health issued Official Letter No. 4082/BYT-BH on June 30, 2023, regarding the application of the base salary level as regulated in Decree No. 24/2023/NĐ-CP of the Government for health insurance payment of medical examination and treatment costs.

25/07/2023 03:52 PM

From July 1st, 2023, there will be changes in the health insurance premiums for students due to the increase in the base salary as stipulated in the Government's Decree No. 24/2023/NĐ-CP.

31/07/2023 02:55 PM

The Binh Dinh Provincial People's Committee has recently issued Resolution No. 18/2023/NQ-HDND, which sets forth the policy on providing financial support for health insurance premiums for certain groups within the province.

21/07/2023 02:20 PM

The Health Insurance policy reflects the concern of the Party and the State towards equity in healthcare and contributes to ensuring social security for all citizens. With over 92% of the population possessing health insurance cards, it can be affirmed that the health insurance policy has truly become a part of people's lives, thanks to the collective efforts of the Vietnamese Social Security sector and the whole society in healthcare provision, ensuring maximum benefits for participants of the health insurance policy.

20/08/2023 02:18 PM

Viet Nam Social Security has identified policy communication to be the key in bringing social insurance policies to life, develop and expand the number of people participating in the social security net.

02/08/2023 06:45 PM

On the afternoon of July 7th, at the headquarters of the Quang Ninh district authorities in Quang Binh province, the Vietnam Social Security (VSS) Delegation led by General Director Nguyen The Manh visited and presented social insurance books and health insurance cards to disadvantaged individuals in three districts: Quang Ninh, Bo Trach, and Tuyen Hoa in Quang Binh province.

06/08/2023 03:40 PM

When participating in family health insurance, members are entitled to unlimited payment coverage for medical examination and treatment, with potential annual benefits reaching billions of dong. This is a privileged policy of the Party and the State, helping many people overcome economic difficulties when unfortunate illnesses or diseases occur.

30/07/2023 03:25 PM

Ho Chi Minh City Department of Health has issued an official letter requiring the Directors of public hospitals in the area to prioritize the implementation of key issues in hospital management. Among them, the goals of ensuring the rights of participants in health insurance and preventing acts of misappropriation of the Health Insurance Fund are emphasized.

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