Tuyen Quang: About 1,000 Freshmen Informed of Health Insurance Policies and Legal Regulations for Student Health Insurance

29/09/2023 10:15 AM

From September 8th to 11th, the Tuyen Quang Provincial Social Security Office collaborated with Tan Trao University and Tuyen Quang Vocational College of Engineering and Technology to organize a conference to disseminate health insurance policies and legal regulations for students. The purpose of this conference was to timely communicate these policies to students during the new academic year.

In recent years, raising awareness about health insurance among students has been one of the top priorities. Therefore, the Tuyen Quang Provincial Social Security Office actively coordinated with Tan Trao University and Tuyen Quang Vocational College of Engineering and Technology to implement the strategies, policies, and legal regulations regarding student health insurance for the academic year 2023-2024.

The Tuyen Quang Provincial Social Security Office collaborated with schools in the area to disseminate information about student health insurance policies

The annual implementation of student health insurance has achieved positive results. Students participating in health insurance not only have access to high-quality medical services and coverage for significant healthcare expenses in case of illness, but also help alleviate the financial burden on their families. It also demonstrates the social responsibility of students and their families in sharing risks with the community. Because of these benefits and humanitarian values, the policy has truly become part of their lives, with active and enthusiastic participation from students and parents.

During the conferences, the leaders of the Communication Departments in the province introduced the student health insurance policy, highlighted some new aspects of the health insurance law, and distributed a brochure titled "Things to Know about Student Health Insurance." They also provided guidance on the features and usage of the VssID - Digital Social Insurance application. Through the explanations provided by the presenters, students were equipped with comprehensive knowledge about the health insurance policy, especially its significance, role, and humanitarian benefits. This increased their awareness and understanding of the legal aspects of the health insurance policy, contributing to an increased health insurance coverage rate throughout the province.

Media campaign to promote student health insurance policies for freshmen at Tan Trao University for the Academic Year 2023-2024

In the academic year 2023-2024, to effectively implement the student health insurance policy and achieve the goal of 100% student participation, the Tuyen Quang Provincial Social Security Office has identified a focused and comprehensive approach to address and develop the enrollment of students not yet covered by health insurance. Specifically, they aim to maximize attention from the leadership of the Provincial Party Committee, People's Council, and Provincial People's Committee, while actively advising the Party Committees and local authorities to issue directives and assign specific tasks and responsibilities to relevant departments and units involved in implementing student health insurance. Additionally, they will collaborate with relevant departments and agencies to provide recommendations to the Provincial People's Committee, proposing a resolution to allocate an additional 20% support from the local budget for student health insurance premiums.

Media campaign to promote student health insurance policies for freshmen at Tuyen Quang Vocational College of Engineering and Technology

The provincial social security office will instruct the district-level social security offices to collaborate with the Department of Education and Training, schools, and educational institutions to assess the situation and results of student health insurance implementation. Based on the data from software systems such as the collection and card registration system, a list of students whose health insurance cards are about to expire will be sent to the schools to encourage students to continue participating in health insurance. Moreover, there will be enhanced coordination with schools and educational institutions in disseminating information and mobilizing parents of students to participate in student health insurance. Specific benefits for students when participating in health insurance will be emphasized. Collaboration will be strengthened to address any difficulties and obstacles in implementing student health insurance policies, ensuring timely issuance of health insurance cards and creating the best conditions for students to participate in health insurance, thereby providing tangible benefits for students and caring for future generations./.