30/09/2023 09:48 AM

Students are the future owners of our country and constitute a significant proportion of our population. Ensuring 100% health insurance coverage for students is an important task that establishes a solid foundation for achieving universal health insurance goals. In this regard, in recent years, effective policies regarding student health insurance have been implemented, resulting in not only increased coverage but also the assurance of their health insurance benefits.

01/10/2023 03:55 PM

On September 28, Vietnam Social Security (VSS) opened a scientific workshop “Effective management and use of Health Insurance Fund: international experience and reality in Vietnam”. The hybrid event was presided over by VSS Deputy General Director Nguyen Duc Hoa at the VSS’s headquarters in Hanoi and connected with VSS offices and healthcare sector branches in all 63 cities and provinces across the country.

25/09/2023 10:55 AM

The Health Insurance Fund has paid more than VND5.3 trillion (US$217 million) for students' medical costs of examination and treatment between the beginning of last year and the first eight months of this year.

24/08/2023 02:35 PM

Ho Chi Minh City Department of Health has issued an official letter requiring the Directors of public hospitals in the area to prioritize the implementation of key issues in hospital management. Among them, the goals of ensuring the rights of participants in health insurance and preventing acts of misappropriation of the Health Insurance Fund are emphasized.

20/09/2023 10:05 PM

On the morning of September 19, the inter-agency inspection team, consisting of Vietnam Social Security and the Ministry of Public Security, announced the plan for inspecting the compliance with the law on social and health insurance premiums payment by businesses operating within the province of Ba Ria-Vung Tau. Mr. Bui Quang Huy, the Director of the Inspectorate Department (Vietnam Social Security), led the inspection team.

08/08/2023 01:55 PM

On August 1st, Mr. Nguyen Duc Hoa, Deputy Director General of Vietnam Social Security, chaired an online industry-wide briefing conference regarding the implementation of Health Insurance policies for the last five months of 2023. The conference was attended by leadership representatives from various units under Vietnam Social Security, including the Social Security divisions of the police and military. At the local level, leaders from 63 Provincial/City Social Security Offices and leaders of specialized departments were also present."

31/08/2023 10:56 AM

According to statistics, in recent years, the Health Insurance Fund has annually disbursed over 100 trillion VND for health insurance coverage. As a result, individuals have significantly reduced their medical expenses, especially for those with severe or chronic illnesses. The financial support provided by the Health Insurance Fund has motivated patients to overcome the challenges of illnesses.

08/09/2023 02:41 PM

Viet Nam Social Security’s social security offices in provinces and cities nationwide have been synchronously deploying solutions to raise awareness of students and parents in participating in health insurance towards the goal of all students participating in health insurance in the 2023- 24 school year.

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