Work Injury and Occupational Disease Benefit

03/08/2017 06:06 PM

- Employees who lose at least 5% working capacity because of accidents while working or on duty by their employers; suffer from a disease in the list of occupational diseases while working in hazardous environments or jobs.

- Employees who lose from 5% to 30% working capacity are entitled to enjoy a one-off allowance depending on the level of earning capacity loss and number of years of paying SI contribution.

- Employees who lose 31% of working capacity upwards are enabled to get a monthly benefit depending on the level of lost working capacity and number of years of paying social insurance premiums.

 - Employees who die in accidents at work or occupational diseases, their relatives are entitled to a lump-sum benefit equivalent to 36-month basic salary and death gratuity as regulated.

- Employees who suffer from employment injury or occupational diseases are enabled to be assessed and re-assessed their working incapacity; provided with functional aids or helpers’ benefit based on the level of damage and capacity loss.

- If employees still have not recovered his/her health after medical treatment of employment injury or occupational diseases, they are allowed to enjoy 5-10 days of leave for health rahabilitation.

- Eemployees are provided with health insurance cards if they no long work. If they continue to work and pay social insurance premiums, when they are qualified for retirement, they are entitled to both retirement pensions and monthly grant of employment injury or occupational disease.

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