• FAQ(110)
I have registered for health insurance for students. I bought it from the beginning of the 2018 school year then quit school. However, today I went to the doctor and was informed that it has been withdrawn and is no longer valid. He/she said I was not able to re-subscribe for the reason that the old one is still valid. So what do I have to do to get health insurance benefits?
Currently, I have been granted health insurance belonging to the near poor category by the State. Now that I’m working for a company, I am granted the business health insurance but the rate is only 80%. I have requested to convert the code to enjoy higher health insurance benefits for the near poor, but the company told me that they asked the social insurance agency of Binh Tan District and received this answer: Employees who have worked at companies are only entitled to the business health insurance and the benefit codes cannot be converted. Please tell me if this is right or wrong. Thank you!
I went to the hospital using the health insurance card, but the hospital lost it. Now I am still keeping the hospital’s certificate of card custody. What should I do to be reissued with the health insurance card and what is the hospital’s responsibility in this case?
I was born in 1970 and has been paying compulsory social insurance premium for 19 years. Currently, I have quit my job for 14 months. Now can I continue to pay one-time voluntary social insurance (skipping 14 months without paying insurance) for the full number of years and the age as prescribed?
I have been participating in social insurance for nearly 5 years, then I changed my job and stopped payment since mid-October 2019. Until mid-October 2020, I will be eligible to receive social insurance money, and according to the regulations I figured out myself, I must complete some procedures to receive the money within 30 days from the time I am eligible; However, I am currently working in Thailand so due to the epidemic, I cannot return to receive the money on time. I have consulted the procedure for authorizing a relative to receive, but I cannot sign the power of attorney (POA) as prescribed. Please give me instructions on how to receive the social insurance money in this case. Or else, can I postpone the money receiving time until I am able to return to Vietnam? Thank you for your help and answers.
1. Case 1: The employee who had been participating in compulsory social insurance for 5 months but died (not due to a occupational accident/disease), is he/she entitled to the one-time survivorship allowance? and how much is the benefit? 2. Case 2: The employee who is participating in compulsory social insurance and the period of participation in social insurance is 5 months but dies due to a labor accident / BNN, can he / she receive the monthly survivorship allowance? and how much is the benefit?
In September 2020, my company signed a labor contract with a worker from abroad. This is the first time my company has a foreign worker, so the company currently does not have a unit code to pay social insurance and health insurance for this person. Please give me guidance on the process of applying for a unit code as well as the form of payment of social insurance premium, whether it is similar to the case where the employee is Vietnamese or not. Sincerely thank. Best regards.