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My company has been reporting the increase of 23 new employees for several times but it is taking forever to be accepted, so may I ask what are the forms needed for new increases? The company is divided into 3 cases as follows: 1. Having a code but no books: What forms do we need for this case? We sent TK1, and D02 but still got rejected. 2. New increases own a book; TK1 and D02 were also sent. 3. New increases (without books) have all declared in TK1 and D02.
Currently, I am a Sophomore who is an intern and stuck in Taiwan since the beginning of September until now. I have participated in health insurance in Vietnam for full 5 consecutive years and did not own an insurance in Taiwan due to the scholarship. May I ask how my case would be solved if: 1. I will be examined, tested and hospitalized in Taiwan. (Costs and ways to solve the negative and positive case) 2. I will be examined, tested and hospitalized in Vietnam. (Costs and ways to solve the negative and positive case) 3. Costs of the RT-PCR test in Taiwan and Vietnam. Thank you.
From August 2000 to February 2011, I worked for a garment company. The job title in my insurance book is "Industrial sewing machine operators". Then, from March 2011 up to now, I moved to another garment company, but the title in my insurance book is written as "industrial garment worker". Does this affect my retirement regimes when I retire? Sincerely thank you.
I am an officer at a university in Vietnam. Currently, I am being sent to study abroad. However, at present, I have terminated my studies and have no overseas labor contract, and the university dismissed me from my job and stopped paying social insurance. => My status is currently UNEMPLOYED. Now I want to return to Vietnam but I cannot because there are no commercial flights. May I ask: I am stuck in a foreign country, then can I ask a relative to receive my unemployment benefits instead? As in the regulations, it is only considered for 3 months from the date of unemployment, but will there be any changes in the context of COVID as it takes longer than 3 months to wait for commercial flights to Vietnam?
May I ask: I'm suffering warts on my hands caused by virus and I want to remove them. Is it on the insurance list? If I do not remove them and use drugs, it is also on the insurance list? Thank you.
My family has 4 people. My parents bought an extension of the health insurance card since October and have paid: the first one with 100%, the second one with 70%, my brother bought the extension in November and was charged at 60%. As for me, because my health insurance card expires from March, so if I buy in mid-November, the post office worker will collect 804,000 dong from me, is it correct?
May I ask, a patient who is in isolation due to COVID has fever symptoms so he/she gets hospitalized for treatment, but did not presented the health insurance card. He/she only read the card number to the health authority, and when the agency looked it up, it was notified by the portal that the number existed. So can the health establishment allow the hospitalized patient to enjoy health insurance coverage?