Deploying key tasks on Digital Transformation of the Vietnamese social insurance industry

13/09/2021 03:30 PM

On September 9, 2021, in Hanoi, Deputy General Director of Vietnam Social Security (VSS) Pham Luong Son chaired a meeting on digital transformation of the social insurance industry, building a national database on insurance and a number of key IT projects.


Deputy General Director of Vietnam Social Security - Pham Luong Son chaired the meeting

Raising awareness in digital transformation

Delivering a speech at the meeting, Deputy General Director Pham Luong Son emphasized that over the past time, the Vietnam's social insurance industry has made great efforts in digital transformation and achieved remarkable results. In order to continue to successfully implement the goals set out in the digital transformation work of the Industry in the coming time, units, public servants and employees in the whole Industry need to further improve their political will and deeply grasp and raise more complete awareness of the "connotation" of digital transformation, including the purpose, requirements, meaning, role, importance, content, and method, etc. in the new situation.

Illustrative image (source: VSS)

Son emphasized; “To implement the conclusion of the VSS General Director at the meeting on the digital transformation of the Vietnam's social insurance industry; To creat plans to provide services and utilities on the VssID application and build a National Insurance Database; The meeting aims to discuss with specialized units as well as propose ideas for the digital transformation tasks of the Industry to be effectively implemented.

Mr. Le Nguyen Bong - Director of the IT Center of VSS reported, the Center has been coordinating with relevant departments and committees to follow the roadmap of the IT application and digital transformation plan of the industry in the period of 2021-2025. The IT Center has also researched and proposed digital transformation technologies to accelerate the digital transformation process, especially during the epidemic period. In which, the Center has sent a document to the units to collect suggestions on digital transformation tasks associated with the unit's work; and at the same time developed a draft project on implementation of digital transformation of the Vietnam's social insurance industry. For the upgrade and completion of the VssID application, in August 2021, the Center has reviewed the process and requirements on dossier components to integrate the function of adjusting electronic transaction information and participants' information on the VssID application. For the implementation of the function of linking accounts with banks and credit institutions on the VssID application, the Center has technically completed and is ready to be integrated on the VssID application. Along with that, the Center also sent an Official Letter to the Department of Finance and Accounting to submit to the industry leaders for permission to deploy the service of linking electronic accounts (e-wallets) on the VssID application to renew household-based health insurance cards and pay voluntary social insurance premiums; The Legal Department has issued Report No. 357/TTr- PC stating the legal bases for the implementation of e-wallets and proposed the use of e-wallet accounts and linking bank accounts on the VssID application for online payment of the collection of voluntary social insurance premiums or the renewal of the health insurance card. In addition, the Center also reviewed the process and attached documents to integrate services such as: Re-issuance of social insurance books due to changes in personal information; Changing the place of primary care, etc.

Carrying out the assigned tasks in Decision No. 455/QD-BHXH dated May 21, 2021, promulgating the implementation plan of Decree No. 43/2021/ND-CP dated March 31, 2021 of the Government promulgating the National Insurance Database, Mr. Le Nguyen Bong said, the IT Center has coordinated with units under the VSS to implement the assigned tasks; including reviewing the contents of Decree No. 43 to clarify the roles, scope and responsibilities of the governing body as prescribed in the Decree. Regarding the implementation of sharing and connecting information between ministries and branches on the national database on social insurance, the IT Center is coordinating with the Department of Informatization (Ministry of Information and Communications) to develop technical standards and norms, data structures for connection and information sharing of the National Insurance Database; to find out a plan to coordinate to ensure information security for the national population database and develop a plan for the national insurance database; to connect and provide shared catalog data on NGSP - the national data sharing and integration platform; regarding the connection platform, to share the shared catalog and continue to supplement it according to the issued standards. There was an official dispatch sent to the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs on building a national insurance database on health and safety information. It cooperated with the Ministry of Public Security to connect and exploit the information authentication service from the national population database through the NGSP platform for the information of 8.1 million people in the database of households participating in health insurance and authenticate citizen information when registering an account of electronic transaction at the social insurance agency. It coordinated with the Ministry of Planning and Investment in completing the connection and sharing of newly established enterprise registration data; developed regulations on connection and sharing of information groups about employers. It coordinated with the Ministry of National Defense and the Ministry of Public Security to develop regulations and connect and share information related to social, health and unemployment insurance. For cooperation with the Government Office to connect and share authentication data from electronic copies and public service data related to the National Insurance Database, currently, the Center is expected to pilot the authentication of information on the social insurance book in accordance with the National Insurance Database; along with that, simultaneously deploy the integration of public services to settle unemployment benefits on the National Public Service Portal.

Building a national insurance database is a key task in each unit's annual plan

At the meeting, the Head of the Legal Department; the Office; the Department of Contribution Collection – Insurance Book and Card; the Department of Social Insurance and Health Insurance Implementation; the Social Insurance Professional Training School, etc. reported on the contents of the unit's professional tasks related to the coordination with the IT Center in the construction of the National Insurance Database. Also, they pointed out difficulties and proposed solutions in coordination with relevant ministries and branches.

After listening to the opinions of the units under the VSS - Deputy General Director Pham Luong Son made a number of requests. In which, for digital transformation: continue to review to complete the regulations to ensure the legal basis for implementation; update and supplement specialized documents; evaluate, examine and review existing databases of the social insurance sector; propose digital transformation to be associated with building smart headquarters and smart offices; units under the VSS to quickly develop sub-projects on digital transformation, in which the goal is closely related to groups of solutions to implement tasks, thereby serving as a basis for implementing the Project on Digital Transformation of the Vietnam's Social Insurance Industry according to the direction of the General Director.

In implementing the national database on social insurance, it is necessary to disseminate and thoroughly understand the contents of Decree No. 43/2021/ND-CP and Decision No. 455/QD-BHXH of the VSS General Director on building the national insurance database to each affiliated unit and social security offices of provinces and cities; from there, turning into specific content and key tasks in the annual work plan; evaluate and summarize the implementation quarterly and annually; conduct the quarterly reporting regime on task performance; continue to strengthen coordination with relevant ministries and branches on the national insurance database. "As the governing body in building the national insurance database, specialized units shall actively and seriously follow the plan efficiently", Son requested.

Particularly for VssID - the Digital Social Insurance application - Pham Luong Son said that it is necessary to continue to carefully research and deploy payment of social, health and unemployment insurance on VssID to increase the utility for users. In addition, it is crucial to continue to improve, supplement and upgrade utilities according to the built plan, and also study and evaluate the effectiveness when users use the utilities on the VssID application./.