Indicator systems for measurement and evaluation of the operation of Vietnam's social security industry

14/07/2021 03:26 PM

On June 24, in Hanoi, Vietnam Social Security (VSS) held a meeting of the Advisory Council to select and perform Ministerial-Level Scientific and Technological Tasks in 2020. General Director Nguyen The Manh - Chairman of the Council chaired the meeting. Also attending were Deputy General Director Le Hung Son and members of the Council.

At the meeting, Nguyen Huu Thanh, Director of the Department of Organization and Personnel, on behalf of the Board of Directors, presented the content "Building indicator systems for measurement and evaluation of the operation of Vietnam's social security industry". Accordingly, the topic is carried out with the goal of analyzing the current status of functions, tasks and organizational structure of the VSS; assessing the status of performing tasks of organizations and individuals and the classification of units and individuals in the Industry.

Also, it is to analyze and evaluate the role of using the index system to measure and evaluate operational efficiency; to develop a set of criteria with indicators to measure and evaluate the performance of organizations and individuals to apply uniformly throughout the system of Vietnam's social security industry. Research was done in between 2016 and 2020.

On the basis of practical assessment of task implementation activities of professional units, Thanh said that the indicator systems will provide leaders of the Industry and management leaders at units with tools to manage civil servants, effectively and transparently apply two-way communication on work results. At the same time, they will help staffs in charge of professional tasks and assisting to thoroughly understand the criteria to evaluate their own work performance and understand their own contribution to the overall results of the unit.

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“Currently, the whole industry has over 19,000 civil servants and employees working at units centrally and locally. In order to evaluate the performance of individuals related to the salary mechanism, it is necessary to build a measurement system with a specific, scientific and modern set of criteria associated with the characteristics of the Industry for unified, synchronous and public application throughout the whole industry”, said Thanh.

Appreciating the content and meaning of the Project, General Director Nguyen The Manh - Chairman of the Council emphasized: Over the past years, the Vietnam's social security industry has made great efforts to fulfill all targets and tasks with the highest target to increasingly meet the needs and aspirations of people, businesses and beneficiaries of social and health insurance policies. Therefore, the improvement of professional and service quality of the staff is one of the top factors that the VSS pays the most attention to.

The topic is meaningful both theoretically and practically. The topic is built on the basis of research and testing the actual operation of the whole industry through the activities of each organization, unit and individual; thereby evaluating the performance of operations to build a measurement and evaluation system” - said the General Director.

Therefore, Manh requested the Board to clearly define the general and specific objectives, scope, and research subjects; to clearly classify the evaluation criteria so that they are both responsive to the reality of the industry's general operations and flexibly in line with the political tasks of each unit; especially in the current growing IT trend, the measurement and evaluation index system needs to be associated with modern and technological factors. On the basis of absorbing the opinions of the members reviewing the topic, the Board of Directors should soon supplement and complete the content.