On-demand health service users to receive health insurance coverage

10/04/2019 02:39 PM

The Ministry of Health recently issued Document No.1608/BYT-KH-TC on covering healthcare insurance costs for card holders using on-demand health services.

The document lays stress on the importance of mobilising non-State budget resources to meet the diversified demands for medical check-ups of patients in the context of limited state investment in the healthcare sector.

This has been recorded in a number of Party and Government’s resolutions and regulations on encouraging the engagement of social resources and public-private cooperation, including the law on the management and use of State property in 2008 which regulates that State-owned agencies are allowed to lease and use public assets to form joint-ventures with their partners in some specific cases.

Accordingly, the coverage of healthcare costs for insured patients who use on-demand health services like medical examinations, beds, technical services, and medical materials is stipulated as follow:

1. For services subject to the health insurance scheme: Payment is made based on the scope of benefits of the health insurance participants. Patients are responsible for paying the difference at clinics.

2. For services that are not covered by the health insurance scheme: Patients must cover medical costs themselves.

Vietnam Social Security