VSS ensures participants’ rights in all circumstances

30/05/2024 09:31 AM

Viet Nam Social Security has made significant strides in administrative reform, reducing time and processes related to social and health insurance. This has resulted in the efficient resolution and prompt disbursement of entitlements and policies to all participants and beneficiaries in all circumstances over the past time.

For example, in a recent incident where a boiler explosion occurred at Sunrise Wood Production and Trading Co., Ltd., in Vam Hamlet, Vinh Cuu District, Dong Nai Province, representative of the Social Security Office in Vinh Cuu District cooperated with the People's Committee of the district and relevant units to visit and provide support to the families of the victims.

 Viet Nam Social Security has made efforts to ensure maximum benefits for social and health insurance participants

At the same time, the office also sent documents urging and guiding employers to promptly complete necessary paperwork to serve the resolution of social insurance benefits for employees involved in accidents as soon as possible.

Similarly, in a serious occupational accident at the Yen Bai Cement and Minerals Joint Stock Company in Yen Binh Town, Yen Bai Province, the Social Security Office of Yen Binh Town went to the company to provide guidance on the documentation process to coordinate the resolution and payment of survivorship and occupational accident benefits to the victims, contributing to supporting the victims and their families to overcome difficulties.

In the first four months of this year, Social Security Office in provinces and cities settled benefits for 20,902 retirees, survivors, occupational accident and occupational disease beneficiaries monthly, an increase of 2.23 per cent compared to the same period last year.

During the time, 430,839 individuals received one-time social security benefits, an increase of 0.63 per cent compared to the same period last year; over 2.6 million individuals received sick leave, maternity leave or convalescence benefits, including 107,922 individuals receiving convalescence benefits, an increase of 33.51 per cent compared to the same period last year.

In addition, the Viet Nam Social Security has closely coordinated with the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs to provide unemployment insurance benefits to 212,212 people; give vocational training support for 5,238 individuals, contributing to helping workers overcome difficulties to stabilise their lives and return to the labour market soon.

Viet Nam Social Security Director General Nguyen The Manh visits and gives gifts to health-insurance participants in a hospital

Regarding the settlement and payment of health insurance benefits, as of the end of April this year, the Viet Nam Social Security already paid for 57.552 million health care examination and treatment arrivals, covered by the health insurance fund, an increase of over 3.07 million arrivals compared to the same period last year.

The health insurance expenditure reached nearly VND42.5 trillion (US$1.67 billion), excluding health insurance spending by the armed forces.

During the process of resolving and paying out health insurance benefits, the Viet Nam Social Security closely worked with the Ministry of Health, relevant ministries and sectors to address difficulties and obstacles in implementing health insurance policies.

At the local level, Social Security Offices have actively worked with the Department of Health and healthcare facilities in localities in the country to fix shortcomings in healthcare services and health insurance fee payments.

As a result, the Viet Nam Social Security has addressed many difficulties and obstacles in healthcare services and health insurance fee payments by providing additional guidance on completing necessary documents. This approach ensures the most favourable conditions for healthcare facilities and maximises the rights of health insurance participants as stipulated by law.

In addition to effective settlement of insurance benefits for participants, the Viet Nam Social Security has also focused on administrative reform, applying information technology, and promoting digital transformation, especially applying the Government’s Project No 06, such as strengthening the implementation of interconnected software and conducting electronic transactions as well as online public services.

Thus, the procedures have been simplified, maximising time, effort, and travel expenses for both citizens and businesses when transacting with Social Security Offices.

Director General of Viet Nam Social Security Nguyen The Manh checks fingerprint biometrics at a hospital

Regarding healthcare policies, the Viet Nam Social Security has also applied information technology in operational tasks, especially in the implementation of the Health Insurance Appraisal Software.

The software is regularly adjusted, supplemented with new functions, new forms, and updated assessment rules for payment requests, checking inventory, checking healthcare contract compliance, serving efficiently for management, supervision and assessment of health insurance costs from central to local levels, thereby ensuring the best rights for health insurance participants as regulated.

The Viet Nam Social Security industry has made relentless efforts to create significant marks in implementing social, health and unemployment insurance policies, gradually perfecting the goal of ensuring social security for the entire population in accordance with the spirit of the Party's resolutions; affirming its core role in the national social security system, contributing significantly to promoting social progress, fairness, ensuring political and social stability, people's lives, and the sustainable development of the country./.