Vietnam Social Security: Firmly pursuing objectives to fulfill its mission

01/09/2023 11:15 AM

On the morning of August 3rd, Director-General Nguyen The Manh chaired the monthly briefing conference of Vietnam Social Security (VSS) in August 2023. Attending the conference were comrades Nguyen Van Cuong - Deputy Chair Commissioner of VSS Board of Commissioners; comrade Vu Quoc Tuan - Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the agency; Deputy Directors-General Tran Dinh Lieu, Dao Viet Anh, Le Hung Son, Chu Manh Sinh; leaders of units under VSS and Hanoi Social Security Office.

Positive outcomes were achieved.

The report from Vietnam Social Security (VSS) showed that in the first seven months of 2023, the indicators for the development of participants in social and health insurance increased compared to June and the same period in 2022. Specifically, the work of collection and development of participants in social, health and unemployment insurance reached and increased compared to the same period in 2022, with approximately 17.494 million participants in social insurance, an increase of 614 thousand people (equivalent to 3.64%) compared to the same period in 2022. Among them, the number of mandatory participants in social insurance was about 16.002 million; the number of voluntary participants in social insurance was about 1.492 million. Nationwide, there were 14.293 million participants in unemployment insurance, an increase of 448 thousand people (equivalent to 3.24%) compared to the same period in 2022. The number of participants in health insurance was 91.296 million, an increase of 4.61 million people (equivalent to 5.32%) compared to the same period in 2022.

Director-General Nguyen The Manh provided directives at the conference

Regarding the handling of social and health insurance policies: Although the number of beneficiaries of social insurance policies increased, the handling and disbursement of social and unemployment insurance policies were always ensured in full and timely manner for each participant, ensuring support and stability in the lives of workers, especially in the context where employment and income of the people faced difficulties after the Covid-19 pandemic. As a result, the VSS has resolved 49,369 pension and social insurance benefit cases on a monthly basis; 114,620 individuals received one-time social insurance benefits; and resolved 668,438 cases of sickness, maternity, recuperation, and healthcare benefits. Nationwide, there were 13,527,833 individuals who sought medical treatment under health insurance.

In the context of the general economic difficulties, the VSS has directed the provincial and municipal social security agencies to vigorously implement synchronized measures to develop participant coverage and promote the collection of contributions, reducing delayed payments of social and health insurance. One of the areas of particular concern for local social security agencies is to continue providing recommendations to the Party committees and local authorities to include social and health insurance coverage targets in the Resolutions of the People's Councils at all levels. At the same time, the development targets for participant coverage are delegated to the district and commune levels.

Focus on evaluating key targets for completion

At the conference, leaders of specialized units presented detailed reports on the implementation status in various operational fields during the first seven months of the year, as well as forecasts, plans, and solutions for 2023. Based on these reports, the leaders of the sector provided guidance and proposed measures to carry out the tasks in the coming period.

In particular, Dương Văn Hào, Director of the Department of Social Insurance Book and Health Insurance Card, assessed that in July, there were significant changes in the overall socio-economic situation of the country. The government's support packages have stimulated production, business activities, and labor. This has had a positive impact on the development of participants in social, health and unemployment insurance.


Nguyen Van Cuong - Deputy Chair Commissioner of VSS Board of Commissioners, made a statement

Regarding the targets of mandatory social insurance, health insurance, and unemployment insurance, there are signs of a significant decrease, especially in mandatory social insurance in certain localities with a large number of enterprises such as Dong Nai, Binh Duong, Bac Ninh, Bac Giang. This is partly due to a decrease in the labor force. Mr. Hao stated that he has instructed the localities to closely follow the directives and guidelines of the VSS, develop plans, and vigorously implement measures to target these groups, thereby encouraging enterprises to enroll their employees in social and health insurance policies.

Regarding the implementation of health insurance policies, Le Van Phuc, Director of the Department of Health Insurance Implementation, stated that the VSS has developed several legal documents, specifically including the construction of Decree 146. Government members have provided feedback to consolidate and improve these documents. Regarding the health examination and treatment under health insurance, Phuc mentioned that there are instances of abuse and exploitation of the health insurance fund in some localities. This includes cases where patients receive medical certificates for sick leave without actually visiting the medical facilities, or doctors signing and issuing medical certificates for sick leave without working at the healthcare clinics. These are limitations and issues that arise from inadequate scrutiny and strict monitoring of the implementation process of health insurance contracts.

In the field of communication, Nguyen Thi Thanh Huong, Director of the Information and Communication Center, provided information on some communication outcomes for the month. In July, the center focused on communication efforts aligned with the year's objectives, including promoting awareness of the rights and benefits of participants in social and health insurance, communication about the July 1st Health Insurance Day, health insurance for students, communicating the payment of pensions and social insurance benefits to the public, raising awareness of the disadvantages of receiving a lump-sum social insurance payment, and organizing conferences to train journalists and reporters on the knowledge of social and health insurance policies.

Delegates attending the conference

Regarding the implementation of tasks at the Hanoi Social Security Office, Director Phan Van Men stated that the agency has focused on coordinating with relevant departments and agencies to clearly define the objectives of the steering committee in implementing social and health insurance policies, thereby creating a high level of coordination. In the first seven months of the year, the performance indicators of Hanoi Social Security Office increased significantly compared to the same period in 2022.

Determined to achieve the objectives

At the conference, Nguyen Van Cuong, Deputy Chair Commissioner of VSS Board of Commissioners, also provided assessments and orientations for the implementation of social and health insurance policies in the coming period. Regarding the increasing trend of re-examination and treatment under health insurance, which has been occurring nationwide recently, Comrade Nguyen Van Cuong proposed strengthening the handling and rectification of healthcare activities in localities.

Regarding the issue of paying higher salaries to workers than the amount contributed to social insurance in certain provinces and cities, according to Comrade Nguyen Van Cuong, local social security agencies need to enhance coordination with the Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs and local authorities to inspect and urge employers to accurately and fully contribute the required amount for workers, thereby ensuring the rights and benefits of participants.

Overview of the conference

In the concluding remarks of the conference, Director General Nguyen The Manh highly appreciated the achievements of the entire sector in the first seven months of the year. Despite the predicted general difficulties in the economic and social landscape, some measures implemented by the sector have yielded high effectiveness. However, the challenges and difficulties in the last five months of 2023 will be greater than the favorable conditions, so the entire sector must not be negligent or complacent.

The Director General requested that the entire sector continue to closely follow the Party's directives, guidelines, orientations, and instructions, as well as the policies of the National Assembly and the Government regarding social and health insurance. They should also continue to closely coordinate with relevant ministries and agencies in the construction and improvement of laws related to the sector's tasks in the coming period. Social security agencies in provinces and cities were urged to promptly enhance their advisory work and mobilize the participation of all levels in the implementation of social and health insurance policies, ensuring that targets are delivered to each commune and ward, and ensuring sustainable growth.

In terms of participant development, the Director-General emphasized the need to promptly finalize the participant development plan that is appropriate for the general situation of each locality. This plan should include specific implementation plans and timelines.

Regarding specific tasks, the Director-General instructed the specialized units of Vietnam Social Security to continue closely coordinating with the affiliated units of ministries and agencies in the process of studying and amending the Law on Social Insurance and Health Insurance. They should also develop assessment reports that clearly evaluate the current situation and propose amendments to the laws, ensuring alignment with practical requirements.

Communication work needs to be further strengthened, with a focus on forecasting and monitoring economic and social fluctuations, as well as labor market developments related to the sector's activities. This will help to develop advance plans and timely guidelines, specifically targeting individuals and organizations involved. Communication efforts and promotion of the VssID mobile application should be enhanced to enable workers to proactively understand the contribution and benefit processes. This will contribute to the detection and handling of any violations in collaboration with relevant authorities.