VSS branches implement solutions, set targets to ensure social security this year

13/05/2022 08:57 AM

Viet Nam Social Security’s branches have implemented drastic solutions and set targets to ensure social security in provinces and cities in the new normal since early this year.

In the central province of Khanh Hoa, the branch has worked with relevant agencies to collect outstanding social insurance debts from local employers.

As a result, the branch collected VND42.6 billion (US$1.86 million) as of January, accounting for 33.39 per cent of the total debt.

However, the amount of social insurance debt in the province is still high. There are still some local employers with large debts that failed to co-operate with the social insurance agency to pay the debt.

Data from the local branch shows that, as of January 31, the province had 1,352 local employers that failed to pay social insurance with an amount of more than VND211.2 billion ($9.2 million), about 3.57 per cent lower than the same period last year but 33.6 per cent higher than December 2021.

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The local branch will continue reminding local employers to pay the debt in accordance with regulations. If a local employer still delays the payment of the debt after receiving the reminder from the branch, the Inter-Sectoral Debt Collection Team will make random inspections. If the local employer still fails to pay the debt, the branch will send a file to the local police for handling as per the regulations.

Le Hung Chinh, Deputy Director of the branch, said the random inspections have helped to fix the situation in which local employers delay payment of social, health and unemployment insurance, contributing to ensuring the rights of labourers in the province.

However, the number of local employers that have delayed paying insurance is very high while the inspection force does not have enough staff and has not been assigned full authority to deal with violators, he said.

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Therefore, the branch has asked the provincial administration to direct the provincial Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs department to work with the branch to make more random inspections and start criminal proceedings if necessary, he said.

In the central province of Ha Tinh, Nguyen Van Dong, director of the local branch said social insurance units are to focus on disseminating the guidelines of the Party, policies and laws of the State in the field of social and health insurance to local people; connect with donors to organise programmes to give health insurance cards for free to disadvantaged people; as well as change methods of dissemination to adapt to the pandemic in order to complete the goals this year.

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In the northern province of Phu Tho, the local branch has targeted to have 197,811 people participating in compulsory social insurance; 60,000 people participating in voluntary social insurance; 186,664 people participating in unemployment insurance and 1,342,051 people participating in health insurance by the end of this year.

Revenue is expected to reach about VND4.77 billion ($208,700). Besides, about 150,000 new accounts on VssID, the digital social security application, are set to be opened by the end of this year.

Nguyen Ta Tinh, director of the local branch, said that the targets are set based on the official dispatch of the Viet Nam Social Security and the Resolution 60-NQ/TU of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee.

The target of VssID application’s new accounts is based on the number of people participating in compulsory and voluntary social insurance, who have not yet registered to use the application in the province, he said.

He added that the implementation of the targets will be assessed quarterly.

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Data shows that the province had 1,305,388 people participating in social and health insurance last year.

The number of people participating in compulsory social insurance is 180,715, reaching 101.8 per cent of the plan.

The number of people participating in voluntary social insurance is 43,947, reaching 106.06 per cent of the plan.

The number of people participating in unemployment insurance is 169,491, reaching 101.2 per cent of the plan.

There are 1,261,441 people participating in health insurance, equal to 91.5 per cent of the province’s total population.