VSS: Organize national online troop to promote people to participate voluntary social insurance in 2022

10/05/2022 02:01 PM

On May 8th 2022, Vietnam Social Security (VSS) cooperated with Vietnam Post to organize online troop responding to Month of universal social insurance promotion – Propagandize, promote people to participate voluntary social insurance. The troop is synchronizedly deployed from the central to province, commune level with the theme “Social Insurance – Fulcrum for your family and you”

This is the content in the Joint Plan No 1731/KHLT-BHXH-BĐVN between VSS and Vietnam Post issued on Apr 29th 2022.

Illustrative image (VSS)

The troop was organized to promote information, guideline of the Party, The State’s policy and law on social insurance, heath insurance, which confirms profound concern, guidance of the Party, Assembly and Government on social security to People.

This is a chance to improve promotion on cooperating to implement the Resolution No 28-NQ/TW Meeting 7th, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam XII on reforming social insurance policy (Resolution 28), Resolution No. 20-NQ/TW on enhancing to protect, care and improve people’s health in the new situation (Resolution 20), which contributes to confirm high political determination on leading, directing and implementing social and health insurance policies according to the spirit of the Party’s Resolution from the Central to localities, all levels of local Party, Government; enhance the role and responsibility of Ministries, Committes, Industries, socio-politic organizations, drastically implement social and health insurance policy and law; strive to gain the target on universal social and health insurance.

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VSS and Vietnam Post set the target on developing 10,000 volutary social insurance participants during and after the troop.

The troop is nationwide organized with 2 forms: online at the central site and implement respond at social security in district, commune (covid-19 prevention and control under regulation). At the same time, mobile propaganda is implemented by cars and motorbikes in provinces (the central and provinces, cities); communes, districts, provinces, cities under provine, cities (called communes) all over the nation, follows the regulations on pandemic prevention and control and traffic safety.