VSS speeding up certifying workers eligible for housing rental support

08/04/2022 10:02 AM

Implementing the Prime Minister's Decision No 08/2022/QD-TTg dated March 28, 2022 on the housing rental support for workers (Decision 08), the whole Vietnam social insurance sector is ready to arrange human resources, reform administrative procedures, and apply IT to receive and confirm workers' status of participation in compulsory social insurance so that the workers can receive housing rental support quickly.

According to Decision 08, workers can receive housing rental support if they meet the following conditions:

- Employees working in enterprises in industrial parks, export processing zones, or key economic areas will get support of VND500,000 per month (nearly US$22).

- Employees who return to the labour market, and are working in enterprises, cooperatives, and business households with business registration in industrial parks, export processing zones or key economic areas will get support of VND1 million per month (approximately US$44).

The beneficiaries get the support monthly for up to three months.

Viet Nam Social Security has been speeding up the confirmation process for employees to receive housing rental support. 

The practical and timely support policy not only reduces difficulties for workers but also creates motivation to attract workers back to work, thus helping businesses retain and have enough human resources to restore production and business.

A shortage of labour is now common in most businesses. Under Decision 08, procedures for workers to get support are also very simple, which helps workers to access support easily and quickly.

The process of implementing this support policy involves ministries and agencies. In particular, according to Decision 08, Viet Nam Social Security is assigned the responsibility of confirming the status of employees participating in compulsory social insurance to verify beneficiaries. Specifically, based on the list of employees applying for rent support (under Forms 02 and 03 issued together with Decision 08) sent by the employers, the social insurance agency certifies the employees’ compulsory social insurance participation in the month immediately before the time the enterprise makes a list of employees who want to receive the housing rental support.

To help employees quickly receive support, Viet Nam Social Security is arranging human resources, reforming administrative procedures, and applying information technology to promote the advantages of available data on social insurance participants.

The certification will take a maximum of two working days.

Viet Nam Social Security directed social insurance agencies at all levels to closely coordinate with relevant units, and guide businesses and employers to soon make a list of employees for certification and support.

According to Viet Nam Social Security, there are absolutely no additional procedures and documents. Insurance agencies will not allow the dossier to be overdue. If the application dossier is still missing required information or has errors, the agencies will issue guidance to fix it.

Viet Nam Social Security also promotes communication and information so that eligible employees can quickly carry out procedures to send to the employer and social insurance agency for confirmation.

Viet Nam Social Security has been urgently, drastically and proactively deploying many solutions to support employees and employers who are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. As an organisation implementing policies on health insurance, unemployment insurance and social insurance in Viet Nam, VSS has effectively contributed to removing difficulties for units and businesses, ensuring social security, and responding to the COVID-19 pandemic following the direction of the Government and the Prime Minister./.