10/11/2023 11:23 AM

On the afternoon of November 9, with the majority of delegates in favor (90.49% of the total number of delegates), the National Assembly passed the Resolution on the Socio-Economic Development Plan for the year 2024.

09/11/2023 06:35 AM

Continuing its 6th session program on November 1st, the National Assembly discussed in the chamber the assessment of the 2023 socio-economic development plan and the anticipated plan for 2024, which notably includes salary reforms.

08/11/2023 03:30 PM

On November 2nd, at the National Assembly House, within the framework of the 6th session, the National Assembly listened to Minister of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs Dao Ngoc Dung presenting the Proposal and Chairwoman of the Committee on Social Affairs Nguyen Thuy Anh presenting the Evaluation Report on the amended Social Insurance Law project.

06/11/2023 09:36 AM

During the 2014-22 period, WHO has always accompanied and shared information with the VSS. WHO’s assistance has met the VSS management and development needs on both macro and micro aspects, he said. In particular, WHO has helped VSS expand health insurance coverage successfully, with the coverage expected to reach 93.35 per cent of the population by the end of 2023, he said. WHO also created a bridge between the VSS and State management agencies such as the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Finance to realise the universal health insurance goal. WHO also supported the VSS to evaluate the five-year implementation of the 2014 Law on Health Insurance, as a premise for the upcoming law revision.

06/11/2023 05:50 AM

On November 2nd, the Task Force for Implementing Project 06 of the Vietnam Social Security (VSS) held its routine meeting to assess the progress and discuss deployment solutions for upcoming tasks. Deputy Director General Chu Manh Sinh, Head of the Task Force, chaired the meeting.

04/11/2023 03:10 PM

On November 2nd, delegates will discuss this draft in their respective groups following the presentation of the Government's report and the National Assembly's Social Affairs Committee's inspection report on the draft Social Insurance Law amendments.

04/11/2023 09:50 AM

After 3 years of operation, the VssID-Digital Social Insurance application by Vietnam Social Security (VSS) continues to be upgraded, improved and numerous features are added to support participants in the Social, Health and Unemployment Insurance participants throughout their participation and enjoyment of various benefits and policies.

03/11/2023 08:58 AM

The Vietnam Social Security (VSS) has sent an official dispatch to local social security offices on the implementation of Decree 75/2023/ND-CP which will take effect from December 3, 2023.

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