10/07/2020 02:38 PM

This is one of the contents specified in the Decision No. 505/QD-BHXH by Vietnam Social Security issued on March 27, 2020. The Decision aims at amending and supplementing a number of articles on the process of collecting premiums of social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance, accident and occupational diseases insurance; and managing social insurance books and health insurance cards attached to Decision No. 595/QD-BHXH dated April 14, 2017.

10/07/2020 10:28 AM

As of June 2020, the whole country has about 86 million participants in health insurance, equivalent to 90% of the whole population. Only from the beginning of 2020 until now, the total number of visits to medical examination and treatment with health insurance nationwide is 34,486,954. This is thanks to the determination and direction of the Government and the implementation of Vietnam Social Security as well as the involvement of political and social organizations and the local authorities.

09/07/2020 05:13 PM

The Ministry of Health has issued Circular No 13/2020/TT-BYT dated June 22, 2020 on promulgating the list of medical services covered by health insurance, coverage percentage and conditions. The new circular makes amendments and supplements to some articles of Circular No 35/2016/TT-BYT dated September 28, 2016.

09/07/2020 09:05 AM

The Vietnam Social Security (VSS) on July 8 held a teleconference to review its work in the first half of the year and assign tasks for the second half.

08/07/2020 10:05 AM

Many people have gained benefits from the health insurance policy nationwide over the past years, proving that health insurance is a humane policy.

03/07/2020 08:05 AM

Phạm Lương Sơn, deputy director of Vietnam Social Security, speaks with Nhân Dân (People) newspaper on the occasion of the national health insurance day (July 1) about plans to increase health insurance coverage to 95 per cent of the population by 2025

03/07/2020 08:00 AM

A number of new insurance policies on social security, unemployment, occupational accidents and diseases comes into force from July.

01/07/2020 03:55 PM

On the morning of July 1st, the Government Office held a press conference to announce the launch of public service No.725 on certifying paper copies of original electronic documents and some essential online public services provided on the National Public Service Portal in the second quarter of 2020.

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