Regular November 2023 Meeting of the Implementation Task Force for VSS’ Project 06

06/11/2023 05:50 AM

On November 2nd, the Task Force for Implementing Project 06 of the Vietnam Social Security (VSS) held its routine meeting to assess the progress and discuss deployment solutions for upcoming tasks. Deputy Director General Chu Manh Sinh, Head of the Task Force, chaired the meeting.

The report presented by the Task Force on Project 06 implementation indicated that, as of October 26th, 2023, the VSS system had verified 92,550,201 demographic information records in the database managed by the VSS. Among these, approximately 83 million people were participating in social and health insurance, accounting for 94.2% of the national population database. Additionally, the VSS provided and shared 132,096,246 records of social and health insurance information with the national population database. The VSS had successfully implemented health care services using chip-embedded ID cards for 100% of health facilities accepting health insurance, with 51,758,909 successful inquiries into BHYT information to facilitate health insurance procedures.

Regular November 2023 Meeting of the Implementation Task Force for VSS’ Project 06

Furthermore, provincial and municipal Social Security branches had received 273,793 applications for issuing health insurance cards to children under 6 years old, along with 4,218 applications to resolve burial expenses through two interconnected procedures: "Birth registration - permanent residence registration - issuance of health insurance card for children under 6" and "Death registration - removal of permanent residence registration - burial support and burial allowance."

The VSS received information from the National Public Service Portal to verify and process unemployment insurance payment periods for 283,901 cases to facilitate unemployment benefits. It also handled 31,498 cases of registration and issuance of health insurance cards for individuals solely participating in health insurance, as well as 4,497 transactions related to voluntary social insurance registration.

During the meeting, the IT Center, the Task Force's regular unit, reported on the review of implemented tasks. It was confirmed that the VSS had successfully completed the tasks according to the established schedule. Notably, the VSS accelerated the digitalization of records, ensuring the proper resolution of administrative procedures in line with government regulations. They reviewed, standardized, and digitized application forms, aiming to minimize redundant information by 20% through data reuse in a digital environment.

Comprehensively guiding and directing agencies and organizations in the process of resolving administrative procedures, we do not require citizens to present and submit their household registration books as stipulated by the Residence Law and related guidance documents. We strive to enhance the provision and implementation of online public services, online payments, social allowance disbursement, and social welfare support without using cash.

In executing guidance, management, and assessing the quality of services for citizens and enterprises, we ensure transparency, individualized responsibility, emphasize leadership roles, reinforce administrative discipline and order. We verify population data with national databases, specialized databases to clean and connect data, facilitate administrative procedure resolution, and provide public services. We collaborate to implement Electronic Health Records on the VNeID application.

Moreover, the integration of all assigned Public Services at Project 06 and Decision No. 422/QD-TTg of the Prime Minister onto the national Public Service Portal has been implemented. The collaboration to implement biometric authentication technology on chip-embedded ID cards continues.

During the meeting, Task Force members exchanged ideas, discussed the tasks assigned under Project 06. Simultaneously, proposals were put forward to address challenges and limitations, aiming to achieve the assigned tasks in 2023 and the following years.

Delegating directives at the meeting, Deputy Director General Chu Manh Sinh praised the Task Force's achievements. He highlighted that the implementation of Project 06 and the digital transformation in Vietnam's social security sector have received high appraisals from the Government, the Prime Minister, and various ministries and sectors. The VSS actively supports and collaborates with other ministries and sectors to effectively execute Project 06.

Regarding the deployment of Electronic Health Records on the VNeID application, Deputy Director General Chu Manh Sinh tasked the IT Center to lead and closely monitor the pilot implementation in Hanoi as directed by the Government's Task Force, reviewing tasks under the responsibility of the VSS, preparing technical infrastructure and data readiness for nationwide deployment after the Hanoi pilot, ensuring the proper sharing of citizens' health information as stipulated in Decree No. 13/2023/ND-CP on personal data protection.

Additionally, Deputy Director General Chu Manh Sinh urged Task Force members to propose solutions to exploit and leverage the efficiency of the Sector's databases to serve state management activities and specialized operational management in the field of social and health insurance. There is also a continuous push to support and promptly address challenges for local social insurance units and various ministries and sectors in implementing the two interconnected Public Services.