VssID - Digital Social Insurance application: Increasingly Enhanced, More Convenient Features

04/11/2023 09:50 AM

After 3 years of operation, the VssID-Digital Social Insurance application by Vietnam Social Security (VSS) continues to be upgraded, improved and numerous features are added to support participants in the Social, Health and Unemployment Insurance participants throughout their participation and enjoyment of various benefits and policies.

VssID-Digital Social Insurance application: Increasingly Enhanced, More Convenient Features

In November 2020, the VssID application was officially launched by VSS, marking a significant breakthrough in the agency's digital transformation efforts. After 3 years of implementation, the VssID application has increasingly affirmed and demonstrated its valuable role in providing policy information related to social, health and unemployment insurance; information about participants' involvement and benefits within these insurance programs, as well as various public services for transactions with social insurance offices... This application enables participants to proactively manage their information, directly monitor the organization and implementation of social, health and unemployment insurance policies, ensuring their rights and benefits in these programs.

Vietnam Social Security has continuously innovated, updated, and added numerous new features to the VssID application to ensure its superiority and convenience for users, such as: Providing 7 online public services and facilitating easy access to information about participation and benefits in social, health and unemployment insurance programs with numerous features that help save time and costs for researching, understanding, and interacting with social insurance offices. By monitoring their own participation and benefits of social, health and unemployment insurance policies via the VssID application, participants can directly supervise and protect their own rights and benefits. Especially during the complex developments of the Covid-19 pandemic, using the VssID application has effectively contributed to reducing the risk of Covid-19 transmission.

From June 1, 2021, users of the VssID application can use the digital image of their health insurance card within the application when seeking medical treatment, replacing the use of paper health insurance cards. This implementation aligns with the administrative reform and digital transformation efforts of VSS, providing practical benefits for both health insurance participants and healthcare facilities.

In March 2023, the VssID-Digital Social Insurance application introduced a new feature displaying the unpaid periods for social and unemployment insurance contributions that aims to enhance transparency and public disclosure of information, enabling workers to ensure their rights and benefits.

Especially, on October 23, 2023, VSS collaborated with the Ministry of Public Security to implement an upgrade of the VssID application to meet the requirements of integration with VneID accounts. As a result, users can now log into the VssID application by using their electronic identity accounts (VneID). This significant advancement stems from the implementation of the Project on Developing Population Database, Electronic Identification, and Electronic Authentication Applications for National Digital Transformation in the period 2022-2025, with a vision towards 2030 as directed by Prime Minister (Project 06). This development not only reduces the need for users to remember multiple account details but also streamlines password recovery and enhances overall security.

VSS introduces the Japanese version of the VssID- Digital Social Insurance application

Not only does VSSID serve domestic workers and businesses, but also this application caters to foreign businesses and employees currently engaged in production, trade, and employment in VSS and Japanese FDI companies regarding the implementation of Social Insurance and Health Insurance policies in the northern region for the year 2023, VSS added the Japanese language option to the VssID application. Consequently, the VssID application now supports four foreign languages in addition to Vietnamese: English, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese. These languages facilitate the usage of features and utilities of the VssID-Digital Social Insurance application for foreign leaders, managers, and employees working in Vietnam.

As of September 2023, the VssID application has had over 32 million registrations, installations, and active users, enabling users to access information and conduct electronic transactions with the Social Security Offices. This widespread adoption indicates the app's positive reception among both employees and businesses. In the coming time, VSS will continue to enhance and refine the VssID-BHXH application, aiming to provide users with even more convenient and useful features.