More than 105,000 people to participate voluntary social insurance and household health insurance in May – Month of Universal Social Insurance

10/06/2022 03:54 PM

In May 2022, VSS industry cooperated with VN Post to organize successfully Troop responding to Month of universal social insurance promotion - Propagandize, promote people to participate voluntary social insurance, household health insurance in Vietnam.

Illustrative image (VSS)

Thanks to activities, solutions synchronizedly deployed from the Central to Localities, according to VSS’ statistics, during and after the troop, 105,300 people participated voluntary social and household health insurance including about 32,870 voluntary social insurance participants, 72,460 household health insurance participants.

On May 8th 2022, the Troop was organized with more than 600 parades with more than 9,000 cars, motorbikes and about 6,600 groups directly promoted about 168,000 people. Owing to this troop, 75,614 people participated voluntary social insurance and household health insurance, in which 22,306 people participated voluntary social insurance , 53,308 people participated household health insurance (VN Post system expanded 13,299 voluntary social insurance participants, 25,790 household health insurance participants). Besides, some provinces including Phu Tho, Vung Tau, Dien Bien … organized 23 province/commune troops.

Illustrative image (VSS)

The propaganda before and during the Troop has been promoted in which about 1,400 bulletines, articles, reportages, infographic, motion, etc. are broadcasted on the mass media, Internet, social network; nearly 14,000 turns of broadcast via loudspeaker system; 8,542 communication products (banner, backdrop,…) are printed and hung.