Regulation on compulsory health insurance support for full-time master and PhD education in foreign countries

05/06/2022 03:19 PM

On Jun 3rd, Minister of Finance issued Circular 30/2022/TT-BTC on guideline for financial mechanism for implementation of the Proposal for Enhancing competencies of lecturers and administrators of higher education institutions”.

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Accordingly, the content on compulsory health insurance support for full-time education in foreign countries to PhD and master as follows:

-Compulsory health insurance premium:

Paying premium under regional regulation (based on premium notified in education facility’s receving paper) and paid by USD or regional monetary; maximum doesn’t exceed USD 1,000/person/year;

Quyền lợi của người tham gia bảo hiểm y tế - Xuất bản thông tin

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In case student wants to buy health insurance with higher premium than regulation, he pay the balance by himself.

Besides, two-way airline ticket (economy class) is supported as follows:

-Two-way airline ticket is supported (excluding support from foreign country) during education time.

-Payment is implemented according to current regulation, regime, norm of state budget payment.

Circular 30/2022/TT-BTC is effective from Jul 20th 2022.