Provincial People's Council Delegation of Hoa Binh: Surveying the Implementation of Social Insurance Legal Policies

28/09/2023 10:10 AM

On September 12th, the Provincial People's Council Delegation of Hoa Binh organized a field survey at the Provincial Social Security Office to examine the implementation of social insurance legal policies during the 2020-2023 period. Ms. Dang Bich Ngoc, a member of the Provincial Party Executive Committee and Deputy Head of the Delegation, served as the Head of the delegation.

According to the report, during the 2020-2023 period, despite numerous difficulties and challenges, the affiliated units, along with social insurance employees and workers in Hoa Binh province, made considerable efforts, demonstrated a sense of responsibility, unity, determination, and proactively implemented the set targets and tasks, achieving some positive results.

Furthermore, the provincial social security office consistently and seriously followed the leadership and guidance of the VSS, the Provincial Party Committee, and the Provincial People's Committee, actively coordinating closely with departments and sectors to diligently, responsibly, efficiently, and resolutely implement the assigned targets and tasks. The district-level social security offices worked closely with the local Party committees and authorities to issue numerous guiding documents on enhancing the effective implementation of social insurance policies and laws within their respective areas.

During the 2020-2023 period, the provincial social security office provided advice and issued 27 documents, while collaborating with departments and agencies to issue 22 guiding and instructional documents, organizing training conferences, consultations, dialogues, seminars, and other events related to social insurance policies with the participation of 85,126 individuals from political, social, and organizational sectors.

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The implementation of regulations, policies, and support packages for businesses and employees has been timely and in accordance with the planned schedule. The management and utilization of the Social Insurance Fund have been carried out in accordance with the provisions of the law. On average, the provincial social security office resolves approximately 40 thousand cases of people benefiting from social insurance schemes, with a payment amount of around 2 trillion VND per year.

The provincial social security office has also enhanced administrative procedure reform, promoted digital transformation, and diligently implemented the contents of Project 06 by the Government, ensuring the completion of tasks according to the plan. Efforts have been made to improve the organizational structure of social insurance at all levels, enhance the capacity of civil servants and public employees, actively construct and revise procedures and regulations, and ensure discipline and integrity throughout the provincial social security system.

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During the working session, the delegates clarified the difficulties and obstacles related to the institutional framework, such as the shortcomings of the 2014 Law on Social Insurance and other relevant legal documents concerning social insurance. The coordination with local authorities in the field of social insurance has not been resolute enough, and there have been challenges in propaganda work, development of participants in social insurance, handling of delayed social insurance payments, inspection, examination, and handling of legal violations, as well as the resolution of complaints and denunciations regarding social insurance. At the same time, the causes and proposed solutions to overcome these difficulties in the coming time were presented.

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In concluding remarks at the survey session, Ms. Dang Bich Ngoc acknowledged and highly appreciated the efforts of the Hoa Binh provincial social security office in implementing social insurance policies and laws. The head of the survey delegation also took note of the opinions and recommendations of the delegates during the working session and compiled a report to be submitted to the competent authorities for study, resolution, amendment, and improvement to better align with practical circumstances.

In the coming time, to further enhance the effectiveness of social insurance work, Ms. Dang Bich Ngoc proposed that the provincial social security office continue to strengthen propaganda work and collaborate with the Fatherland Front and political organizations to raise awareness among the people, especially regarding voluntary participation in social insurance. It was identified as an important task of the entire political system to ensure social security and improve the lives of the people, gradually increasing the rates of social and health insurance coverage in the province./.