VSS and WHO in Vietnam vow to strengthen health insurance cooperation

06/11/2023 09:36 AM

During the 2014-22 period, WHO has always accompanied and shared information with the VSS. WHO’s assistance has met the VSS management and development needs on both macro and micro aspects, he said. In particular, WHO has helped VSS expand health insurance coverage successfully, with the coverage expected to reach 93.35 per cent of the population by the end of 2023, he said. WHO also created a bridge between the VSS and State management agencies such as the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Finance to realise the universal health insurance goal. WHO also supported the VSS to evaluate the five-year implementation of the 2014 Law on Health Insurance, as a premise for the upcoming law revision.

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WHO's training activities helped improve staff capacity for the Social Insurance Implementation Department, Centre for Medical Review and Tertiary Care Payments, and Training Institute for Social Security Operation. Hoa expected that the two sides will strengthen cooperation in a number of key areas, including technical support on the amendments to the Health Insurance Law; technical advice on controlling medical costs and providing services; reasonable, fair, and effective use of health insurance funds; and staff training.

WHO Representative Angela Pratt affirmed that universal health insurance coverage is a common goal of WHO and the VSS. Therefore, the two sides have shared effective cooperative activities. "We always consider the VSS as an important partner with the role of implementing and managing the health insurance fund - one of the country's solid health foundations," she said.

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She agreed with Vietnam's goal of reducing out-of-pocket health expenditure, saying that if this goal is not completed, it will be very difficult to achieve the universal health insurance coverage goal. However, this is a big problem that needs to be improved through amending the Health Insurance Law.

WHO is always ready to cooperate with the VSS to come up with the most appropriate solutions to ensure sustainable health insurance coverage, she said. She stated that specific cooperation will be discussed in detail by professional groups. She also affirmed WHO's commitment to always support and accompany the VSS in building a system of documents regulating health insurance policies./.