VSS ensures payment of retirement wage and social security allowance amid COVID-19

31/03/2020 10:05 AM

From April 2020, the people will receive their retirement wage, social security and unemployment allowances at post offices, according to a Government directive on COVID-19 prevention and control.

Post offices will work with local authorities, steering committees on COVID-19 prevention and control, and Vietnam Social Security (VSS) to send the wages and allowances to recipients who are under quarantine, depending on the specific conditions of each locality.

The monthly wage and allowances will be sent directly to homes of recipients who are over 80 years old, or under 80 years old but are sick or have difficulty travelling.

The VSS requested local social security agencies to coordinate with post offices to report to local people's committees on the payment plans of April and the following months.

They have been ordered to propose payment solutions and payment time which is suitable to the situation of each locality in order to avoid crowds and ensure safety for recipients.

The new payment method must be announced on mass media and to local authorities so they can create favourable conditions for the payment.

Local social security agencies have been asked to work with post offices to review the list of recipients aged over 80 and those under 80 who are ill, have difficulty moving or those who are being treated at home with chronic diseases.

The recipients must be aware of the new payment method as well as payment time and address. Those who come to post offices must wear face masks and avoid gathering in crowds.

The VSS has been ordered to address problems from recipients and encourage them to receive wages and allowances through personal bank accounts under the Prime Minister's Decision No 241/QD-TTg and the Government's Resolution No 02/NQ-CP.

The Vietnam Post Corporation must sterilise their post offices before and during the payment, ask staff and visitors to wear face masks, prepare hand sanitiser at all offices and give face masks for free to those who don’t have them.

They must also organise disinfection at all payment points before and during the payment by the Post Office; wear a mask at all payment points; require postal employees and beneficiaries to wear masks throughout the payment process; equip hand sanitiser at all payment points. In case the beneficiary does not wear a mask to the payment point, the Post Office should distribute masks for free./.