Viet Nam Social Security General Director meets with Microsoft Corporation Global Vice President in US

17/05/2022 01:59 PM

Nguyen The Manh, General Director of Viet Nam Social Security, met with Microsoft Corporation Global Vice President Ahmed Mazhari and Andrea Della Mattea, President of Microsoft Asia Pacific, in Washington DC during a seven-day business trip, starting on May 11, to the United States.

Manh said Viet Nam Social Security wanted to co-operate with the corporation in updating and researching Microsoft's technologies to serve the digital transformation and modernisation of the country’s social insurance sector.

Nguyen The Manh, General Director of Viet Nam Social Security, meets with Microsoft Corporation Global Vice President Ahmed Mazhari in Washington DC.

The agency has paid more attention to some aspects of data centre infrastructure; cloud computing technology; interconnected applications to support the sector's operations; big data and AI (artificial intelligence) technologies; a synchronous digital technology platform for the sector to serve customers, who are employees and businesses participating in social, health and unemployment insurance; as well as policies to support licensing costs such as software for servers, workstations and platforms, he said.

At the meeting, representatives of the corporation highly appreciated the information and technology (IT) system and the results in the digital transformation process that the Vietnamese insurance sector has achieved.

Ahmed Mazhari said that after the pandemic, digital transformation is a top priority for businesses, organisations and countries.

Digital technology with a flexible cloud technology platform has helped businesses and organisations recover quickly from the pandemic and increase connectivity.

He said the digital transformation of Viet Nam Social Security will bring positive effects and create favourable conditions not only for the agency itself but also for beneficiaries.

This is also a trend that social security organisations around the world are aiming for, he added.

He said that the digital transformation orientation of the agency is appropriate and he will study the proposals of the agency to create a new cooperation framework between the two sides in the field of digital transformation.


Delegates at the meeting.

At the end of the working session, the two sides agreed on cooperation in some areas, including supporting the agency to implement the digital transformation process through software and applications so that people and businesses can access social security services more easily and conveniently; strengthening programmes on digital transformation with a focus on jointly building and developing digital platforms for the agency, cloud-based applications and virtual assistants for some aspects of social security.

Previously, Manh introduced the agency’s IT system which has a main data centre and a Wide Area Network (WAN) system, connecting the agency to its branches in 63 provinces and cities. All services of the agency have been performed on application software and all staff use digital signatures.

Besides, the IT system also connects to more than 12,000 medical facilities nationwide to receive data on the payment of medical expenses under health insurance. It has shared data with six relevant ministries and sectors, he said.

There are more than 500,000 businesses transacting with the agency through the e-portal, he said.

“The agency’s IT system is built with the most advanced products including Microsoft products, contributing to the implementation of the Vietnamese Government's digital transformation strategy," he said.

The agency has been improving its IT system towards a digital, integrated and centralised Government at the national level to bring modern and convenient digital security services to people, which is operated by professional and qualified IT human resources in recent years.

Microsoft is an American multinational corporation, headquartered in Redmond, Washington. It is specialised in the development, production and sales of software copyrights and support for a wide range of computer-related products and services. It is one of the leading technology companies and one of the most valuable companies in the world.

In Vietnam, Microsoft opened a representative office in 1996. In 2006, it established Microsoft Vietnam Co., Ltd.

Microsoft is implementing many cooperation activities with partners on capacity building and technology transfer; accompanying Vietnamese businesses and organizations in digital transformation projects, supporting Vietnamese start-ups, assisting the education and health sectors; as well as training and improving skills and digital knowledge for young labourers./.