Vietnam Social Security and BIDV: Deploying online payment service in social insurance and health insurance

09/04/2020 09:05 AM

Starting from April 8, 2020, individuals and organizations with accounts registered at the Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam (BIDV) may contribute to health insurance and social insurance on the e-Banking application platform.

The result of the coordination between Vietnam Social Security and BIDV aims to facilitate people, employees and employers in transactions with social security authorities, especially when the COVID-19 epidemic is maintaining complicated and social distancing is being implemented.

Currently, on BIDV's e-Banking applications, namely BIDV Online, BIDV Smart Banking, BIDV Business Online, individuals and organizations can perform two procedures:

1. For participants: Pay for the extension of health insurance card and continue online payment of voluntary social insurance premiums.

2. For employers: Online payment of social, health and unemployment insurance.

These functions are integrated in the application's billing menu. BIDV supports customers to query information via connection with social insurance. On the basis of customers' authentication for the transaction, BIDV shall record the payment to the Social Insurance Account and transmit information to Vietnam Social Security to record the obligation fulfillment to pay social insurance premiums to individuals and organizations.

After the payment is completed, the process of participating in social insurance will be automatically recorded by the system of Vietnam Social Security, the health insurance card will be automatically renewed and Vietnam Social Security will send a message notification of the result to the phone number of the participant. Similarly, business representatives will also receive messages after the payment.

To check the results, participants can look up the card duration on the portal of Vietnam Social Security at -dung-the-bhyt.aspx or send a text message following the syntax: BH THE "Health insurance code" to 8079 or call the operator 1900 9068 for instructions.

It is known that in the coming time, Vietnam Social Security will continue to coordinate with other commercial banks to conduct online payment of social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance with a view to creating more favorable conditions for individuals and organizations as participants.