5,000 people in Yen Bai voluntarily sign up for social insurance in 2019

07/01/2020 10:10 AM

More than 5,000 people in the northern province of Yen Bai signed up for voluntary social insurance in 2019, increasing the number of provincial card holders to 7,829.

The social security agency of Yen Bai Province exceeded assigned targets in 2019, contributing to ensuring social security and local socio-economic development.

VSS staff in Yen Bai Province disseminate information about voluntary social insurance at local markets.

According to the local social security agency, there were 25,847 new people signing up for social, healthcare and unemployment insurance schemes last year.

Among those, 3,763 people signed up to compulsory social insurance, more than 17,000 people signed up to household healthcare insurance. The total number of compulsory social insurance card holders reached 53,400.

About VND1.6 billion (US$69,000) was collected from social, healthcare and unemployment insurance payments, exceeding the assigned target by 4 per cent.

Social and health insurance debts reduced by 0.95 per cent.

The local social security agency paid social insurance premiums of more than VND1.9 trillion to more than 37,000 people, and health insurance of more than VND757 billion to more than 1,500 people.

To mark the 25th anniversary of Vietnam Social Security’s establishment (February 16, 1995), Yen Bai’s social security agency aims to have more than 16.5 per cent of the population of working age enrolled in the social security scheme, including 2.2 per cent of farmers and labourers in unobserved economic areas.

100 per cent of exchanges are targeted to go online while online public service aims to reach level 4.