94 works receive National Press Awards on Culture, Sports and Tourism

15/09/2023 09:42 AM

HÀ NỘI — Some 94 works by journalists from across the country have been praised for outstanding contributions to the national development of culture, sports and tourism.

The awarded works are the winners of the National Journalism Award titled "For the Development of Culture, Sports and Tourism," held for the first time this year, which include four first prizes, 15 second prizes, 25 third prizes and 50 consolation prizes.

A ceremony was held on Tuesday night by the event organiser – the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (MoCST) – to honour the winners.

Authors and representatives of the author group received the first prize. Photo courtesy of organisers

The contest received 1,084 works of individuals and groups of journalists, published and broadcast in five categories of press, including print, online, radio, television, and photo essays. 

Journalist Lê Quốc Minh, Chairman of the Việt Nam Journalists' Association and Chairman of the Final Council, said: “With more than 1,000 participating works, we consider it a success for a specialised journalism award, even in the first time of organisation."

"The number of participating works demonstrates meticulous attention from news agencies to the fields of culture, sports, and tourism, contributing to the overall success of the awards for the first time.” 

Trịnh Thị Thủy, Deputy Minister of MoCST, said: “Culture, sports and tourism have achieved accomplishments and positive changes. The responsible companionship of press agencies and a team of journalists has once again affirmed that the fields of culture, sports and tourism are of great interest to leaders of the State and all levels and sectors.”

The winning works that highlight achievements in culture, sports, and tourism have been meticulously prepared and comprehensively reflected with profound and meaningful messages.

In the television journalism category, the work that won the first prize was Discussion: 80 Years of Vietnamese Cultural Outline by journalists Nguyễn Quý Mạnh Minh and Lê Quang Nga from Việt Nam Central Studio of Documentary Scientific Film.

Đặc sắc Ngày hội Văn hóa, Thể thao, Du lịch đồng bào Chăm

Illustrative image (internet)

Discussion: 80 years of Vietnamese Cultural Outline tells the cultural flow throughout Việt Nam from the birth of the Vietnamese Cultural Outline in 1943 to the present time. The work paints a picture of Vietnamese culture through cultural works and specific cultural activities and achievements.

"In this era of information explosion, we want our work to spread in life. We always hope to create television works that not only adhere to real life but also are attractive to viewers," Minh said.

Trần Văn Huấn, a reporter at Báo Văn Hóa (Culture Newspaper), was awarded first prize in the Press Photo category with the photo essay themed A Person Who Brought The Land to Life and Became a World Heritage Site

His work tells a story about Bàu Trúc Village in the southern province of Ninh Thuận - the oldest pottery village by Chăm people in Southeast Asia. The village was included in the list of Intangible Cultural Heritage in need of urgent protection by UNESCO.

"The award is an opportunity for journalists to exchange professional expertise. Our journalists always want to bring readers comprehensive news and new perspectives on the fields of culture, sports and tourism," Huấn said.

The first National Journalism Award "For the Development of Culture, Sports and Tourism" successfully honour the outstanding contributions of collectives and individuals of journalists to develop culture, sports, tourism, and family.

This is also an opportunity for journalists, reporters, and editors to exchange professional experience and expertise, contributing to improving the quality and efficiency of information and journalism activities.