2020 must achieve higher overall results than 2019

02/01/2020 09:05 AM

Speaking at the Government Conference with localities on December 30, General Secretary and President Nguyen Phu Trong emphasized that the common spirit of 2020 is to be more proactive, positive, dynamic and creative and achieve higher overall results than 2019.

General Secretary and President Nguyen Phu Trong assessed that in 2019, in the context of global economic and trade decline, our country's economy continued to grow rapidly, reaching over 7%, higher than the plan (6.6-6.8%), among the countries with the highest growth rates in the region and in the world; raising the scale of GDP to about 266 billion USD, an average of nearly 2,800 USD/person, which is not in our history. Cultural and social fields continued to be invested in development and achieved many important and clear results. Focus on well implementing the policies for people with meritorious services, ensuring social security, creating jobs and reducing poverty sustainably; The rate of poor households according to the new standards will decrease to about 4%, 1% lower than that in 2018; Health insurance coverage rate is over 90%; more than 54% of communes meet the new rural standards, reaching the goal 2 years earlier than planned ...

Image of the conference

However, the General Secretary and President also emphasized that we are absolutely not subjective and satisfied with the results and achievements.

Regarding directions and tasks in 2020, the General Secretary and the President suggested that the priority should be given to the implementation of 5 key tasks. Specifically: First, continue to consolidate and strengthen macroeconomic fundamentals, control inflation and enhance internal capacity and autonomy of the economy. Second, pay more attention and have more specific, practical and more appropriate policies and measures for cultural and social development, building people in harmony with economic development and improving material and spiritual life of the people. Third, continue to consolidate and strengthen defense and security potentials; maintain political stability and social order and safety; improve the effectiveness of foreign affairs and international integration. Fourth, promote the renewal of content, method of leadership, direction and working style of agencies and units, especially the heads in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution and laws. Fifth, the committees, the authorities and the entire political system should urgently and seriously grasp the Central Committee's Resolution and the Politburo's Directive, focus on leading and directing the successful organization of the Party Congress at all levels.