VSS' Working Group of Project 06 evaluates and accelerates the implementation of social and health insurance policies

15/04/2023 01:13 PM

On the morning of March 29th, 2023, the Working Group of Project 06 of Vietnam Social Security (VSS) held a meeting to implement tasks with Deputy Director Chu Manh Sinh as the head of the group.

During the meeting, the leader of the IT Center presented a summary report on the results of some tasks of the VSS up to March 2023 in the implementation of Decision No. 06/QD-TTgdated January 6th, 2022, approved by the Prime Minister on the development of applications for population data, identification, and electronic authentication to serve the national digital transformation in the period of 2022-2025, with a vision towards 2030 (Project 06).

Overview of the meeting

It was reported that currently, over 12,300 medical facilities nationwide have implemented medical treatment covered by health insurance using chip-embedded ID cards (reaching 96.26% of the total number of HI-based healthcare facilities nationwide). Additionally, there have been over 18.7 million successful BHYT card information inquiries using chip-embedded ID cards to facilitate health insurance procedures.

The VSS has restructured its business process and successfully integrated and provided online public services on the National Public Service Portal and within the industry, including: Integrating the calculation of reduced health insurance premium payment levels for households; Linking birth registration, permanent residence registration, and HI card issuance for children under 6 years old; Linking death registration, cancellation of permanent residence registration, and funeral allowance; Resolving unemployment benefits; Registering voluntary participation in social insurance; Registering for health insurance and issuing insurance cards for those who are only participating in health insurance; etc.

The VSS is collaborating with the Ministry of Public Security to implement biometric authentication technologies based on biometric information integrated on chip-embedded ID cards and on data from the National Population Database to prevent and combat fraud in social, health, and unemployment insurance. Currently, the VSS has upgraded and adjusted its Reception Portal (belonging to the HI Appraisal System) and its Reception and Document Management Software to integrate biometric authentication technologies. The agency has also piloted the integration of biometric authentication technologies in health insurance registration in Quang Binh and Hanoi, and implemented biometric authentication in receiving and processing results of administrative procedures at the one-stop-shop department of the VSS in Binh Duong province and Dong Da district, Hanoi.

The VSS is also collaborating with the Ministry of Health to implement the electronic health record system. Additionally, the agency has completed software upgrades and added functionality to support the Ministry of Health in linking health examination data with driving licenses, birth certificates, and electronic death certificates through the infrastructure of the VSS to facilitate the implementation of online services for issuing and renewing driving licenses and to implement interlinked public services in accordance with Project 06.

During the meeting, members of the Working Group also expressed opinions and discussed some existing challenges in the implementation of VSS’ Project 06, such as: limitations in the quality and effectiveness of providing and using online public services, which are not yet truly convenient for citizens and businesses; slow progress in digitizing "input" documents for administrative procedures; difficulties in connecting and extracting information and data from national databases and specialized databases to serve administrative procedures and public services; and insufficiently resolute guidance and implementation of tasks at some units.

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At the meeting, Deputy General Director Chu Manh Sinh highly appreciated the results of VSS’ Project 06 Working Group in implementing its tasks. The report of the Working Group had shown innovation by clearly identifying existing challenges and proposing solutions.

Deputy General Director Chu Manh Sinhrecognized that the workload of the Working Group is increasing and the implementation time is urgent. He instructed the IT Center, a permanent member of the Working Group, to prepare steps to advise the VSS’ General Director to establish Working Groups to implement Project 06 at the provincial social security offices. The social security directors of each province or city will be appointed as the head of the Working Groups with clear assignments, responsibilities, and expected results. This will be an important link and a crucial starting point for the VSS’ Project 06 Working Group to direct, coordinate, and implement related tasks at the local level.

Regarding specific tasks, Deputy General Director Chu Manh Sinh instructed the Working Group to enhance coordination with the relevant ministries and agencies in implementing Project 06, sharing data that ensures the responsibility of the VSS while ensuring information security. He also urged to expedite the implementation of the plan to digitize the records of the sector to create an important premise for administrative procedure reform and digital transformation. Additionally, he directed to soon finalize and issue regulations of the sector on abolishing the use of household registration books and temporary residence books when implementing administrative procedures. He also emphasized the importance of monitoring and promoting the integration of biometric authentication technology in health insurance registration and in receiving and processing administrative procedures at one-stop-shop departments.

Regarding the interconnection of health examination data with driving licenses, birth certificates, and electronic death certificates, the VSS has performed its part well; however, the process of pushing data from the grassroots level remains slow. Deputy General Director Chu Manh Sinh emphasized the need for the Working Group to develop a plan and coordinate with the Ministry of Health to regularly urge the provincial health departments, social security offices, and healthcare facilities to ensure timely submission and updating of data./.