27/02/2023 03:23 PM

The Government Office has issued the Official Dispatch No 37/TP-VPCP conveying the PM’s conclusion at the Conference on evaluating the implementation of the regulations on coordination between the Government and the Vietnam General Confederation of Labour (VGCL).

13/02/2023 10:40 AM

The People's Committee of Nghe An province has just issued Directive No. 01/CT-UBND on strengthening the state budget collection and collection of social and health insurance in Nghe An province in 2023.

19/02/2023 02:00 PM

The Hanoi Department of Health has just issued the Plan No. 283/KH-SYT on the implementation of the Law on Health Insurance and the field of medical treatment covered by health insurance of the Hanoi health sector in 2023.

07/02/2023 10:39 AM

Vietnam Social Security (VSS) introduces ways for health insurance (HI) participants to track HI participation process and HI card validity so that they can timely renew the HI card after the (old) card expires, which help them enjoy HI benefits continuously. At the same time, the recorded HI data also helps to avoid fraud and profiteering from the HI fund (if any), the participants could look up SI participation information through the following ways:

30/01/2023 02:30 PM

In 2022, after overcoming many difficulties, Vietnam's social insurance industry has achieved numerous positive results and achievements. In addition to the attention and direction of the National Assembly and the Government; close coordination of ministries and branches; and the efforts of the Vietnamese social insurance industry, there is also the active participation of the Party committees and local authorities at all levels.

27/01/2023 07:55 PM

The introduction of the health insurance policy shows the interest of the Party and the State towards equity in health care, contributing to ensuring social security for all people. With over 92.04% of the population having health insurance cards, General Director of Vietnam Social Security (VSS) Nguyen The Manh affirmed: The health insurance policy has really come to life, which is the result of the whole industry and the whole society in health care, ensuring maximum benefits for participants of the health insurance policy.

29/12/2022 02:05 PM

New process of health insurance (HI) review, registration of buying HI card at home, correction of direction on subjects that participate household HI, receiving HI card for relative without household registration book… were new HI policies that would take effect from January 2023. The new process of HI claim review: Parallel implementation of 2 forms

01/01/2023 12:30 AM

On 23rd December 2022, the Ministry of Labour – Invalid and Social Welfair (MOLISA) issued the Official Letter No. 5234/LDTBXH-TTTT on guiding non-cash payments to beneficiaries of social security policies.

Prime Minister asks to supplement, complete sanctions on handling social and health insurance violations

Nghe An Provincial People's Committee directs the collection of social and health insurance in 2023

Hanoi requires synchronous implementation of medical care covered by health insurance using chip-mounted citizen identity cards

Ways to track health insurance participation process and health insurance card validity

Implementation of social and health insurance policies: The key roles of the Party committees and local authorities

VSS constantly accompanies and sets maximum benefits for participants of health insurance

Health insurance policies will take effect from January 2023

The direction for paying social security policies without cash