Viet Nam Social Security: Implementing procedures for health insurance medical examination and treatment using chip-based ID

01/07/2023 06:30 AM

Implementing the Viet Nam Prime Minister’s Decision No. 06/QD-TTg approving the “Project on developing smart application of data on population, identification and e-authentication for national digital transformation in the 2022-2025 period, with a vision toward 2030” (Project No. 06), in order to create favorable condition for the people having medical examination and treatment with health insurance (HI), Viet Nam Social Security (VSS) has coordinated with the Ministry of Public Security to step-by-step synchronize the National Insurance Database with the National Population Database, develop technical solutions to ensure smooth lookup of information about HI card via chip-based citizen identification card (ID card), integrate HI card information in citizen ID card database system.

VSS has also upgraded Receipt Portal system under its HI Claim Review System and is ready to provide  HI card information to healthcare facilities to look up information when people use chip-based ID cards to have medical examination and HI procedures.

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During the implementation process, VSS also introduces the use of this method to the HI participants. Information is widely communicated to HI participants on the mass media; publicized at healthcare facilities so that people can easily access them. In addition, VSS also issues guidelines for healthcare facilities to look up HI card information through chip-based ID cards; provides timely support to healthcare facilities and HI participants in using chip-based ID cards to carry out HI medical examination and treatment.

By June 2023, with all the above-mentioned efforts and synchronous solutions,  there were 12,455 healthcare facilities implementing HI medical examination and treatment using chip-based ID cards, accounting for 97.27% of the total number of healthcare facilities covered by HI schemes nationwide, with over 29.2 milion successful HI card information searches using chip-based ID cards for medical examination and treatment procedures.

Furthermore, in order to implement the Government’s Project No. 06, so far, VSS has verified over 86.9 million demographic information in the National Insurance Database with the National Population Database; provides and shares over 117.5 million records of social insurance and HI information for the National Population Database.

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Regarding the integration of gradual subsidized of HI premium for household HI registration, VSS has received and processed online renewal of 15,756 HI cards through Renewing HI cards registered by households at the VSS Serice Portal and the National Public Service Portal.

Besides, VSS also co-ordinates and supports the Ministry of Health in inter-connecting the data of driver's health examination, birth certificate and death certificate. Up to now, VSS has received a total of 484,482 valid health examination certificates, 138,146 birth certificates, and 1,637 death certificates from 1034, 1055 and 314 healthcare facilities in Viet Nam respectively.