19/05/2021 04:27 PM

Telemedicine is a discipline that involves the use of information and communication technology (ICT) to provide remote medical services. Health-care professionals can use it to carry out prevention activities and those related to the diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of health-care system users, in particular those who are unable to seek care in person.

12/05/2021 02:10 PM

The novel coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has been defined as the new occupational disease of the decade and suggested to be recognized worldwide since the early phases of the pandemic. The importance of occupational diseases includes their direct relation with working life and preventability. In addition, the legal aspect of occupational diseases entitles workers to compensation, which is recognized by insurance institutions.

10/05/2021 08:40 AM

On October 15, 2018, the Government issued Decree No. 143/2018/ND-CP detailing the Law on Social Insurance and the Law on Occupational Safety and Health on compulsory social insurance for employees who are foreign workers in Vietnam. After 2 years, the total number of FDI enterprises participating in social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance and the total revenue of social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance from FDI enterprises have increased significantly.

08/05/2021 04:47 PM

As we mark the World Day for Safety and Health at Work on 28 April, focus is on building resilient occupational safety and health (OSH) systems as we emerge gradually from COVID-19. The global pandemic has put the health and safety of workers on the agenda like never before. We need to build on this experience to be even better prepared in the future.

01/05/2021 03:35 PM

The Second ASEAN Sectoral Bodies and the Stakeholders Consultative Workshops on the Consolidated Strategy on the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) for ASEAN took place on April 27 and 29, respectively, via videoconference.

27/04/2021 07:55 PM

The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) on April 27 unanimously adopted the Resolution on protection of objects indispensible to the survival of the civilian population.

10/04/2021 11:55 AM

A new ILO analysis warns that "ambitious actions" are needed for the regional labour market to recover in 2021 – a year that began marked by new waves of contagion. The strong labour impact of COVID-19 was aggravated by pre-existing structural problems.

06/04/2021 02:48 PM

The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) highly appreciates the commitments of the Vietnamese Government for improving business and investment environment as reflected in various Resolutions and Law amendments.

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