• FAQ(127)
I have submitted a dossier to receive unemployment benefits in province A and the appointment date of returning the result was on August 14, 15, and 16, 2020. As I had to move to province B and was unable to return to province A during the time I need to receive the money, I have to go to the Employment Services Center in Province A to ask about canceling the application for unemployment benefits in province A and making a new one in province B. I was advised to wait until the end of August 16, 2020. This means after this date, my application will be automatically canceled and I can receive the unemployment benefits in province B after August 16, 2020. Is that right?
I want to re-issue my health insurance card because it is old and torn but still valid. Where do I have to go to and what are the procedures as well as the costs?
My company paid the social insurance premium for me, and after I quit my job, my health insurance card got expired, then I bought health insurance as a household member. At the same time, I was entitled to UI. After 3 months of UI, is the health insurance I bought earlier still valid? Why is it not updated on the website? I'm looking forward to getting a response soon.
I lost my insurance book and have 2 social insurance books. What is the procedure for re-issuance and consolidation of the books?
I quit my job and terminated the contract in June 1, 2019, but until now, my former employer still owes insurance coverage of May 2019. So my insurance book has not been closed yet. Now can I have a book closing?
I have been participating in health insurance as a household member for 2 consecutive years, now can I immediately pay for the next 3 years to enjoy the benefits of participation for 5 consecutive years?
I quit my job at the company and got my insurance policy returned. However, I am now pregnant so I want to continue to pay health insurance premiums so that it would help reduce the cost of delivery. My permanent residence is in Binh Thuan province, but I have registered as temporary residence in District 8, HCM City. Can I apply for health insurance at the insurance agency in District 8, or do I have to go back to Binh Thuan? If yes, what are the procedures for applying for voluntary health insurance? Thank you.