Decision on the appointment of General Director of Vietnam Social Security awarded to Mr. Nguyen The Manh

14/07/2020 06:00 PM

On the morning of July 14, 2020, at the headquarters of Vietnam Social Security (VSS), under the authorization of the Prime Minister, Minister of Finance, - Chairman of VSS Governing Body Dinh Tien Dung awarded the Decision on appointment to Mr. Nguyen The Manh to hold the position of General Director of VSS.

Attending the meeting were Deputy Minister of Home Affairs Nguyen Trong Thua; Director of the General Department of Taxation Cao Anh Tuan; Vice Chairman of VSS Governing Body Pham Van Truong; with representatives of Office of the Party Central Committee, Department of Internal Affairs, Central Inspection Committee and a number of ministries and branches.

On the side of VSS, the attendants were Deputy General Directors: Nguyen Dinh Khuong, Pham Luong Son, Tran Dinh Lieu, Dao Viet Anh, Le Hung Son; and leaders of affiliated units and representatives of social security agencies of 14 provinces and cities.

Minister of Finance Dinh Tien Dung - Chairman of VSS Governing Body granted the Decision on appointment to Mr. Nguyen The Manh to hold the position of VSS General Director

Speaking at the meeting, Minister Dinh Tien Dung - Chairman of VSS Governing Body congratulated Mr. Nguyen The Manh on the assignment to be the new General Director of VSS. This event results from the trust of the Party and State leaders and the governing body for Mr. Nguyen The Manh. At the same time, he wished that the new General Director would promote the inherent characteristics, capacity, experience and knowledge, as well as actively research, orientate strategies and policies together with the governing body, Party Committee, the leaders, public servants and employees of VSS with a view to excellently completing the tasks assigned by the Party, the State and people.

Minister Dinh Tien Dung claimed that, with the role of organizing the implementation of the pillar policy of the social security system, VSS over the years has contributed to the progress and equity; ensuring political and social stability and people's lives; the economic development associated with national progress and social justice to demonstrate the good nature of our regimes; contributed and brought about encouraging achievements and has been recognized by the international community. The system of policies and laws on social insurance and health insurance is gradually completed, synchronized and consistent with the country's development process and international practices; The coverage of social insurance and health insurance has been increasingly expanded.

As of June 30, 2020, the number of social insurance participants has reached nearly 16 million (accounting for about 32.3% of the labor force); the number of health insurance participants reached nearly 86 million (accounting for 89% of the population); the number of beneficiaries of social insurance and health insurance is constantly increasing. On average, tens of millions of people receive social insurance benefits each year and hundreds of millions of people enjoy health insurance benefits; Social insurance and health insurance funds have become a large welfare fund, just second to the state budget.

Minister of Finance Dinh Tien Dung - Chairman of VSS Governing Body speaks at the meeting

To continue promoting the achievements, in the coming time, Mr. Dinh Tien Dung suggested that the social security industry shall continue to effectively implement the Directives, Resolutions and Conclusions of the Politburo, the Central Executive Committee; especially in the context of the Resolution No. 28 - NQ/TW of the seventh Plenum of the 12th Central Executive Committee on reforming social security policies with creative solutions to adapt to the socio-economic changes in the new situation; continue to follow the Prime Minister's Decision on renewing, arranging and organizing the VSS apparatus with streamlining and efficient operation. To further promote administrative reform and apply information technology in professional activities; carry out data interconnection with ministries and branches; expand the provision of online public services at level 3 and level 4. Strengthen the relationship and coordination between social security agencies and the Party committees, authorities and professional agencies at local levels. Promote the tradition of solidarity and unity to successfully complete the tasks, make the social security industry a home for all cadres, civil servants and public employees. This plays an important role in the successful implementation of the social security policies of the Party and the State in the new situation.

General Director of VSS Nguyen The Manh speaking at the meeting

Receive the new position, the new General Director Nguyen The Manh expressed his gratefulness towards the head of the Party, the Government, the relevant ministries, departments and branches, the VSS Governing Body for caring and granting the trust to assign him the responsibilities; At the same time, he also thanked the members of the Party Committee of the Ministry of Finance, the Party Committee of VSS, the key leaders of agencies and organizations for their trust and recommendation.

“I am acutely aware that the task assigned is such a great honor and also a heavy responsibility that requires me to make great efforts to continuously train myself and dedicatedly perform the tasks.”- Mr. Manh said.

The new General Director said that, looking back on the 25-year development process of Vietnam Social Security industry, the achievements have shown the good nature of our social regime with the recognition by the Party, the State and the people, creating a solid foundation for further development. However, compared with the objectives, requirements and tasks of the Party and the Government, together with arising difficulties and challenges, it requires our Industry to make even more outstanding efforts.

Overview image of the meeting

Mr. Nguyen The Manh said: “With the responsibility of being the head of the social security industry, I would be glad to hear the comments and receive the assignments from the Minister and Chairman of the VSS Governing Body; in which focus on: Comprehensively, creatively and effectively enlisting, following and implementing the guidelines of the Party, the Government's directions to implement the assigned objectives, tasks, programs, and plans. Simultaneously, continuing to develop, reform and complete in a flexible, diverse, multi-layered, modern, and integrated way on the policies of social insurance and health insurance according to the orientation of the Party and the Government; as well as drastically implementing the social insurance policies with streamlining, professionalism, efficiency and modernity, developing the object, consolidating the organizational structure, taking people's satisfaction as a measure in reform and task execution. Strengthening public duties and discipline within the industry so that social security can truly become a main pillar in the country's social security system.

With the assigned task, I promise I will continue to provide myself with training and knowledge, make efforts, be highly responsible and work with my best ability, intelligence and the unanimity with the whole Party Committee, the head of VSS and all cadres, civil servants, officials and employees to build and promote the spirit of solidarity, consensus, responsibility, devotion, dedication and the collective intelligence to overcome difficulties for Vietnam's social security industry to be increasingly sustainable and modern, meeting the aspirations of the Party, the Government and the people.

In this position, I respectfully wish to receive the attention, direction and assistance of the heads of the Party, the Government, the Prime Minister, the VSS Governing Body; the close coordination of the heads of ministries, departments, central branches, Party Committees and local authorities; especially the support, assistance and sharing of leaders and all officials, civil servants and employees of the Vietnam social security industry in order to successfully complete the assigned tasks”.